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About Ally FAQs

  • What is Ally Financial?

    Ally Financial Inc. is a leading vehicle financial services company powered by a top online bank. To learn more about our company, read our story.

  • What is the relationship between Ally Financial, Ally Bank and GMAC, Inc.?

    GMAC, Inc. has been renamed Ally Financial. The Ally brand was first introduced in May 2009 when GMAC Bank, Ally Financial’s wholly owned subsidiary, was renamed as Ally Bank, member FDIC. The brand has resonated very well with customers, so we have leveraged the Ally brand for the broader organization.

  • Is Ally Bank affiliated with Ally Financial?

    Yes, Ally Bank is part of the Ally Financial family of companies.

  • Is Ally Bank part of Ally Financial?

    Yes, Ally Bank is part of Ally Financial. Built on the foundation of GMAC Financial Services (a 90 year old company) Ally offers a full suite of auto financing products and services, in addition to direct banking. We're moving forward with a new mission and direction. It starts with our promise to keep our rates among the best, always. We won’t hide our fees, and you won’t see fine print or asterisks on We’re focused on helping you save your money. So we have no account minimums: deposits or balances. It’s the right thing to do for customers. Want to know more? Read the Ally Story.

  • Is Ally Bank a different bank from GMAC Bank?

    Ally Bank used to be called GMAC Bank. It's the same bank. Deposits you made when we were GMAC Bank, along with any new deposits you make now that we are Ally Bank, are insured up to $250,000 per depositor. Read more about FDIC.

  • Is Ally Bank FDIC insured?

    Yes. Deposits at FDIC-insured institutions, like Ally, are insured up to $250,000 per depositor, per institution.

  • When was Ally incorporated?

    Ally was incorporated in February 1997 under the Delaware General Corporation Law and, on January 1, 1998, merged with its predecessor, which was originally incorporated under New York Banking Law in 1919.

  • How can I contact you?

    Please visit our Contact Us page.
  • What is Ally's corporate mailing address?

    Ally Financial
    200 Renaissance Center
    P.O. Box 200
    Detroit, Michigan 48265-2000

  • What is the composition of the Ally Board of Directors?

    For information about our current board members, please visit the Board of Directors section of our website.

  • Does Ally have an employee volunteer program?

    Yes. Many of our employees take great pride in offering their time and talents to charitable organizations. Ally employee volunteer hours and contributions can be enhanced through the company's matching program. 

  • Does Ally offer a financial education program?

    Yes, Ally’s Wallet Wise program focuses on teaching consumers how to establish good credit, manage a budget and evaluate banking and investment options. The curriculum and consumer tips are available at no cost, and the website features online tutorials.