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HBO Max’s "Milestone Generations" highlights allyship in action

Almost 30 years after its first launch in 1993, Milestone Media has a new look, an updated vision and a renewed determination to bring representation to superheroes. The purpose and the passion behind this exciting new chapter will unfold in the “Milestone Generations” documentary on July 29th on HBO Max.

Narrated by rapper, producer and actor Method Man, this pivotal documentary explores the influence of Milestone Media, as seen through the eyes of those it impacted – including creators, artists and celebrities.

For a sneak peek, check out the trailer below.

The documentary is more than a recount of past events, it’s a thought-provoking example of allyship in action. As you follow the journeys of the creators and Milestone Super Heroes, you’ll see that it’s also about disrupting the status quo and the importance of representation.

From characters like Static – who gained electromagnetic powers while protesting racial injustice – to the dynamic duo, Icon and Rocket – who come together to overcome injustices – the documentary imprints on a new generation that heroes come in every color, from all situations and are capable of super things.

Building the foundation for the future

For decades, many have found escape, encouragement and empowerment in the pages of comic books, but not everyone has found heroes who looked like them. Just 5.8% of comic book writers and 3.9% of artists are Black. Because artists tend to create characters who reflect their own lived experiences, this lack of representation among comic creators equates to a lack of representation among Super Heroes themselves.

Just like the Super Heroes of Milestone, we understand that everyone is better off with an ally, and are working alongside Milestone Media and DC Comics to champion the next generation of black and diverse comic book creators . It’s through bringing this documentary to life and supporting programs like The Milestone Initiative that allow stories like these to promote a more inclusive future and impact generations to come.

Learn more about the characters, creators and exciting stories of The Milestone Initiative , and don’t forget to tune in July 29th on HBO Max.

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