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Coffee, dogs and death metal: On the road with NASCAR driver Alex Bowman

People are used to seeing Alex Bowman get behind the wheel on the track, but what’s his routine when he isn’t making those lefts around the oval? Considering the driver of the Ally No. 48 NASCAR Cup Series car spends about 150 days a year on the road for work, we thought we’d chat with him about his life on the road. From travel essentials to dream vacations and everything in between, Bowman gets candid about his travel preferences and what’s important when taking at trip. 

From travel must-haves to dream vacations

To start, Bowman shared his travel must-haves. 

  • Coffee: Step one, coffee. I am a big coffee guy. I’m way overly caffeinated at all times.

  • Finn and Roscoe: I wish [my dogs] Finn and Roscoe went absolutely everywhere with me! 

  • Sunglasses: Next, I always have some sweet sunglasses. 

  • Car keys: Car keys are a must, obviously. 

  • Cell phone: And of course, my cell phone. I spend way too much time on my phone.

Shifting gears: Rapid-fire travel questions

Now that we know what Bowman likes to travel with — what about everything else? It’s time to put our foot on the gas and learn more about life on the road with the NASCAR driver. 

Where is your favorite place to travel? 

Colorado. It's my favorite place to travel when I'm not working. My friends and I go on the same vacation every year and it’s a really good time.

Alex Bowman and his friends pose with snowshoes on while standing in a snow-covered area

Bowman likes to put miles on his snowshoes when visiting Colorado

Do you prefer hotels or camping? 

Hotels. But camping is also fun.

Are you always the driver or do you like being the passenger?

I get so carsick trying to ride with somebody. I have to be the driver.

What is your dream vacation? 

I would like to leave the country at some point. Maybe go eat tacos in Mexico or go to Europe or something — but I have to get a passport first.

What is the best road trip snack? 

Coffee is always the best snack. I might order some pumpkin coffee at times, get a little bougie with it – but black coffee for the most part. Especially if my trainer is listening.

Do Finn and Roscoe like road trips? 

Finn loves the car. Roscoe farts in the car - my Tahoe straight up smells like Roscoe farts. I get a new Tahoe every year from Chevrolet and every year they pick that thing up and they're like, what did you do to this thing? I'm like, it was Roscoe. I swear it wasn't me.

Alex Bowman’s dogs, Roscoe and Finn, sit on a couch wearing bandanas

Roscoe (left) and Finn (right) are at the top of Bowman’s travel essentials list 

Do you travel on the cheap or go all out? 

I’ll admit I can be a little bougie.  

Are you a spa kind of guy? 

No, I have never been to a spa in my life – don’t put that on me! 

Good or bad – what has been your most memorable race? 

That would have to be my first cup win at Chicagoland Speedway. 

Do you prefer music or audiobooks?

Both. When I run, I listen to audiobooks or podcasts. I’ll listen to those when I’m on a road trip too, but I really love music on a road trip.

What kind of music do you like? 

I like all kinds of music. Everyone says that I only listen to death metal – but that’s an incorrect statement. All types of metal are acceptable!

Allyship on and off the track

We are proud to have Bowman as the driver of the Ally No. 48 in the NASCAR Cup Series, not just because of how he shows up to work throughout the racing season – but also because he is a proud dog dad and dedicated supporter of Best Friends Animal Society and its many affiliate shelters. You can learn more about Bowman and the many ways he and the Ally Racing team are doing it right on and off the track at

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