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Alex Bowman and Christian Fuchs become unexpected allies

At first glance it may seem like a professional race car driver and a professional soccer player have nothing in common, besides their passion for a sport. After all, vast differences exist between the two sports and the athletes that compete in them. But by bringing together two stars from opposite sides of the sporting world, we found that there are similar values in sport and a certain magic that takes shape when unexpected allies meet.

It's that magic that drove - or should we say kicked - Ally into connecting two of our favorite athletes.

Enter Alex Bowman , NASCAR Cup Series driver, and Christian Fuchs, defensive back for the MLS expansion Charlotte Football Club.

The excitement for sport, an emergence of friendship and a team spirit between these allies give us all the good feels. Check out a series of videos that highlight a passion point on these two athletes and Ally: growing together, becoming allies and celebrating our differences.

In episode one of the three-part series, Christian’s reaction to Alex starting the engine is smile worthy in-and-of itself.

In episode two, they move from the pitch of the racetrack to the soccer field, where Alex and his pit team try to weave through cones with a soccer ball.

In the final episode, Alex has the honor of unveiling to Christian (and the rest of the world) the No. 48 paint scheme for the October 10 Cup race at Charlotte Motor Speedway it features none other than Charlotte FC - and we agree with Christian, it looks awesome!

Don't miss the action! Continue to follow Alex as he battles it out on the racetrack this season and be sure to look for Christian on the field as Charlotte FC kick off their inaugural season next year.

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