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View Your History

Review the Ally eCheck DepositSM transactions deposits you've made during the last 120 days, even the ones that haven't been posted to your account yet:

  • Track your eCheck deposits anytime using both Online and Mobile Banking.
  • Select the History link from the eCheck homepage, Get Started page, or confirmation page.
  • View deposits you've made over the past 120 days, as well as their status.
eCheck Deposit History

Track your eCheck Deposits 24/7. View dates, amounts, check images and more with eCheck deposit history in Online and Mobile Banking.

Track Your Deposits

Track your eCheck deposits as soon as you submit them or anytime you wish:

  • Review eCheck deposit transactions from the past 120 days.
  • See an image of the deposited check.
  • Verify the status of your deposit right away.
Status Definitions
Submitted: Your deposit has been received and is awaiting review by Ally Bank.
Approved: Your deposit has been reviewed and approved by Ally Bank.
Rejected: Your deposit could not be completed by Ally Bank. Please check your email. We've probably already sent you a note with details about what to do next.

See eCheck Deposit Details

Get details about your eCheck Deposit transactions anytime:

  • See the date it was submitted
  • Check the amount of the deposit
  • Find the reference number
  • View an image of your check

The amount of your deposit.

Check Image

See exactly what your check looked like when you scanned it for deposit.

Recap: History

  • Track your deposit history anytime by logging in to your Ally account.
  • See your deposit history as soon as you submit your eCheck.
  • Review the deposits you've made during the last 120 days.
  • Verify the status of your deposit transactions before they appear in your account.