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Lease-End FAQs

  • What are my options at the end of my lease?

    At the end of your lease agreement, you can:

    • Keep or sell the vehicle yourself and pay the fixed purchase price (ComTRAC accounts - residual value) listed in your agreement as well as remaining payments and additional fees
    • Keep the vehicle and refinance the outstanding balance, subject to credit approval
    • Return the vehicle to the dealership. You'll be responsible for excess mileage and any wear charges. Some leases may also have disposal fees.
  • What do I need to do to return my vehicle at the end of my lease?

    • Inspect the vehicle yourself for excess wear before you return it. (Use our Wear Square to help determine extent of damage)
    • Compare your current mileage against what's allowed on your contract. If your current mileage is greater, you'll have to pay for the excess.
    • Call your local GM or Chrysler Group LLC dealer to arrange to turn in your vehicle
    • When you return your vehicle, please bring the following:
      • A copy of your lease agreement
      • All original equipment, including keys, keyless entry remotes, DVD player, headphones, DVD remote, etc.
      • All documents you received at the beginning of your contract, including the owner's manual and maintenance guide
    • While at the dealership, be sure to complete an odometer statement to document current mileage
    • If you need a vehicle, ask your dealership about a new vehicle
    • Contact Us to tell us when you returned your vehicle
  • What are my payment options if I have an amount due at the end of my lease?

    You can make your payment over the phone or by mail.

    (A third party service provider fee may apply.)

    Payment Processing Center
    P.O. Box 9001951
    Louisville, KY 40290-1951

  • When do I get my security deposit back?

    If you paid a security deposit when you signed your lease, we'll refund your security deposit after you've returned your vehicle to the dealership and the vehicle has been sold at auction. We'll deduct any unpaid amount you owe under your lease agreement from your security deposit.

  • Can I return my leased vehicle before my scheduled end date?

    Yes. Check your lease agreement to determine the charges for returning your leased vehicle early. Note: You won't receive a refund for any unused additional mileage you purchased if you return your vehicle early.

  • Can I get an extension at the end of my lease?

    Yes, you can extend your lease. You may be charged a fee for the extension, and there may be a limit on how many extensions you can request. Contact Us for information.

  • Do I need to return my vehicle to the dealership I originally leased it from?

    No. You can return your vehicle to any dealership with a franchise to sell your particular vehicle in the U.S.

  • Can I print a copy of the Vehicle Return Kit?

    Yes, simply click here to open and print the document.

  • If I return my leased vehicle, will the vehicle be inspected?

    The vehicle will be inspected by an independent company at the dealership after you return it. You can view the report for your vehicle at Inspections.

  • How can I determine excess mileage or wear charges at the end of my lease?

    You'll find excess mileage and wear charges in your lease agreement. You can also:

    • Check out our Excess Wear Table
    • Use the Wear Square to determine whether your vehicle has excess wear
    • Check with your dealer to determine approximate excess wear costs. Dealerships can sometimes repair or replace items with excess wear before you return the vehicle
    • Refer to the Welcome Kit we sent to you or to your vehicle return kit sent to you as you approach your lease end
  • Will I receive a refund for any unused additional mileage I paid for when I leased my vehicle?

    In some instances, you may receive a refund for the unused additional mileage you paid for when you signed your lease. You will not receive a refund if the lease ends early, you buy your vehicle or the vehicle is a total loss. See your lease agreement for details.

  • When will I be notified about my end of lease?

    You'll receive a return kit about 120 days before your scheduled end date. The kit includes information about your end of lease options and how to prepare for the option you choose.