The Internet has changed the way many of us manage our checking account balances. The tried-and-true method of keeping a written check register can be replaced with a smartphone app or other electronic version. You may balance your checkbook online several times a month rather than waiting for the monthly statement. And while there's no denying the advantages new technologies can bring to the table, there are still some important basics that never go out of style when it comes to managing a checking account balance:

  • Keep track of your spending. Whatever your method—writing everything in a check register, using a smartphone app or using financial software—you need to know where you stand with your balance and expenditures.
  • Use online tools. You no longer have to wait for your paper statement in the mail each month to reconcile your records with the bank. Online access gives you convenient, up-to-date information on your account whenever you need it.
  • Build on your knowledge. The fundamentals of managing your checking account can be the basis for other areas of your finances. Keeping track of your spending, preparing for future bills and reconciling with the bank’s records are important lifelong skills.

With the Ally Bank Interest Checking Account, you earn consistently great rates on any checking account balance and enjoy the convenience of free online bill pay with no monthly maintenance fees. We don't charge a fee at any ATM nationwide and, when another bank does, we reimburse you. Plus, our easy-to-use website makes managing your checking account simple.

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