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Everyone’s path to the retirement of their dreams looks different, and yours may even change over time. Some people start building retirement funds as soon as they graduate from school, others begin later on in life, or once they’re established in their career. But the good news is, no matter how or when you begin, as long as you’re planning (and saving) for those golden years, you’re on the right track.

As you save for retirement, you may find that you have more choices than you realized. You might primarily store your savings in a bank account, invest them in the market — or even opt for a combo of both.

Any and all savings vehicles come with pros and cons, risks and benefits. For example, stashing your funds in an FDIC-insured bank account may offer more protection for fewer returns, and investing your savings in the market means higher risk, but also a greater possibility for potential growth.

In the end, your retirement plan and the approach you take with your money is up to you and it may change over time. No matter what it looks like, though, it’s best to be familiar with your choices — so you can make financial decisions that you feel good about.


There may not be one magical way to prepare for retirement that will work for everybody’s timeline, goals, and risk tolerance — and that’s okay. In fact, it means you can personalize your path to fit your wants and needs in a way that makes you the most comfortable. So, go ahead and use this as a jumping off point to help you get started thinking about retirement and saving in a deposit account at a bank or investing your money in the market.

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