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GMPP Products

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Service contract for leased GM vehicles. Covers parts and labor expenses for most vehicle components, even failures resulting from normal wear and tear. Also includes roadside assistance, alternate transportation and trip interruption.

  • What's covered

    • Engine
    • Transmission / Transaxle
    • Front- and rear-wheel-drive components
    • Fuel delivery components
    • Engine cooling components
    • Heating and vehicle factory-installed air conditioning components
    • Electrical, computer and audio components
    • Braking system components
    • Suspension (front / rear)
    • Steering components
    • High-tech components
    • Seals and gaskets
    • Safety components

Smart Care℠

Designed to keep cars, light-duty trucks and vans in top condition. Plan offers a $0 deductible and a variety of time / mileage options. We also offer a Smart Care Wrap product to complement the GM new vehicle and certified maintenance programs.

  • What's covered

    • Oil changes (oil & filter)
    • Chassis lubrications
    • Tire rotations
  • Coverage terms

    Multiple coverages are offered in a variety of time and mileage combinations.