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Our Approach to Accessibility

Digital finance designed with everyone in mind.

By creating online experiences everyone can use, there are no limits to what anyone can do. 

Person walking down a sidewalk on a sunny day, with a white cane in their right hand and a leash in the left, as an adorable labrador retriever walks beside them.
Middle-aged Asian man wearing black-framed glasses and a purple turtleneck sweater

Our commitment to inclusion and accessibility.

Since everything we do is digital, we’re committed to creating online experiences that empower equal engagement and make everyone feel welcome, not just by working towards the standards set by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines ( WCAG 2.2 AA ), but by always striving to be even better.

Creating experiences for everyone requires everyone.

We believe breaking down digital design barriers involves the input of us all—including the people we’re designing for. 

We’re all in on accessibility. 

From design to development to testing, our entire team has accessibility objectives they’re accountable for. 

In-house experts.

Our dedicated accessibility squad sets the framework for every project and is on hand at every step.

Designing with, not for.

We encourage people with disabilities to participate in our research and testing, and we prioritize their feedback.

Ongoing learning and education.

Continuing accessibility training keeps us sharp, with a focus on technical skills, awareness, and advocacy.

Industry-leading allies.

It’s not just us: we leverage Deque–a 3rd party leader in digital accessibility solutions– to regularly evaluate our site and offer their expertise.

Achieving and still aspiring.

While the WCAG 2.2 AA benchmarks are our guide, our goal is to go above and beyond.

Deque Committed to Accessibility badge

Deque Committed to Accessibility promise.

Deque is a trusted leader in digital accessibility, using a suite of expertly-designed tools to monitor sites and apps for issues, put preventative measures in place, and work through remediation. Their Committed to Accessibility badge reflects an organization’s commitment to improving the accessibility of its sites, as well as an active relationship with Deque to continually improve usability for all.

Accessibility features and services.

Some of the many optimization features we provide for people with disabilities include:

Screen Readers

Our web pages are optimized for NVDA for desktop, VoiceOver for Apple devices, and TalkBack for Android.

Closed captioning

Available on all our videos, so you never miss a word. 

Increased font size

Available on both desktop and mobile, improving online readability for people with disabilities.

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Helps people with sight or mobility disabilities get to important sections of a site much faster.

Browse in dark mode

It’s easier on the eyes for people with vision sensitivity or cognitive disabilities. Available for Ally Invest desktop and mobile.

Keyboard focus indicator

An onscreen graphical feature helping people who are unable to use a mouse target a web page element.

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Meet  Magnus.

With MagnusCards, your banking experience could be even simpler. Let Magnus be your virtual tour guide for easy money management while using Get step-by-step instructions for creating a bucket, ordering a debit card, making a transfer and more.

  • Download the MagnusCards App from your app store.

  • Log in or create a new username and password.

  • Once you’re in, select Money Management, then find the Ally logo to get started.

Continuing the accessibility conversation.

From our Tech Blog: more info about the importance of helping people navigate the digital world.