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Supplier Diversity and Sustainability

Sparking positive impact starts by teaming up with the right people.

That's why we work with a diverse mix of like-minded suppliers who value consistency, timeliness and cost efficiency to better serve our communities.

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Our mission.

We’re committed to driving positive impact in our communities by promoting an inclusive and sustainable marketplace. By understanding the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) effects of our supply chain, we can increase our direct and indirect spend with diverse suppliers who make it easier to create economic value, mobility, and a sustainable future for all.

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What we're all about.

Purpose, passion, and positivity are at the center of everything we do – it’s what drives us, but it’s always better when we make an impact together.

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Transparency into our supply chain's efforts through timely communication and interactive events

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Identifying opportunities across our business and pairing them with the strengths of prospective diverse suppliers

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Providing internal and external updates as we continue to identify our supply chain footprint through supplier sustainability and track our dollars to increase our indirect and direct spend with diverse suppliers

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Collaborative Relationships

Actively engaging our leaders and suppliers in our efforts and understanding the ESG-related impacts of our supply chain as we strive to advance our communities

A few highlights.

We've been working non-stop since January 2020 to grow our direct and indirect spend with diverse suppliers in our supply chain.


in tier 1 spend for minority-owned businesses ($21.8 million)


in tier 1 spend for women-owned businesses ($10.4 million)


in tier 2  spend

Accurate as of 2021

We're better together.

Working with diverse organizations that share the same commitment of making a positive impact on our communities helps us grow in perspective, creativity, and innovation so that we’re able to provide a better experience for all.

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Success Blueprint

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