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Protection Products FAQs

  • What vehicle maintenance contracts do you offer?

    We offer:

    • GMPP Smart Care℠ and Smart Care℠ Wrap – coverage includes oil and oil filter changes, chassis lubrications, and tire rotations
    • Repair Advantage® Car Care – coverage for specific maintenance services, such as: oil and oil filter replacement and chassis lubrication
  • What are some features of Theft Protect coverage?

    Theft Protect coverage features include:

    • Identification of vehicle ownership in the event of a recovery
    • Guaranteed payment for non-recovered vehicles
    • Guaranteed payment for vehicles recovered as a total loss
    • Deductible coverage for vehicles recovered and repairable
  • What are some features of Appearance Protect coverage?

    Appearance Protect:

    • Guards against tree sap, bird droppings, road salt, and other damaging elements
    • Makes cleaning up spills on carpet and fabric seats less of a hassle
    • Prolongs the life of leather and vinyl; reduces cracking and the appearance of aging
    • Ensures new and pre-owned vehicles receive guaranteed protection for up to five years
    • Has no mileage limitations
  • What kind of damage is covered by Tire & Wheel Protect?

    Road hazards such as:

    • Potholes
    • Nails
    • Glass
    • Curb damage (where permitted by law)
    • Other road debris
  • If I move vehicles to a temporary location such as a mall or a golf course, do I need to notify you? Will the vehicles be covered?

    As long as the vehicles remain in the United States, its territories or possessions, Puerto Rico or Canada, they are covered regardless of where they are. If the location is temporary, there is no need to notify us.

    If the location is or will become permanent, however, we recommend you notify us.