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Dealer Loans

Funding for your vision.

Ally offers dealer loans for real estate, new equipment and working capital, as well as revolving credit lines to cover a variety of specific business needs and expenses.

Real Estate Loans

Used for:

  • Acquiring new buildings or land

  • Funding renovations, remodeling and site improvements

  • Refinancing or loan consolidation

Benefits include:

  • Flexible terms, amortization schedules and payment options

  • Fixed or floating rate options

  • Competitive loan rates

Working Capital Loans

Used for:

  • Modernizing your dealership

  • Upgrading your computer systems

  • Recapitalizing

  • Consolidating loans

  • Purchasing dealership equipment

Benefits include:

  • Frees up working capital

  • Helps leverage your equity in fixed assets

Dealership Acquisition Loans

Used for:

  • Acquiring dealership assets or stock

  • Capitalizing new dealerships

  • Goodwill/blue sky purchases

Benefits include:

  • Customized terms to fit your needs

  • Fixed or floating rate options

  • Consideration of goodwill/blue sky and initial capitalization in loan advance

Electronic Revolving Line of Credit

Used for:

  • Covering slow receivables

  • Addressing seasonal adjustments or expenses

  • Paying unanticipated expenses

Benefits include:

  • Instant, easy access to credit:

    • 24-hour internet access to your line of credit

    • Withdrawals up to 100% of your available limit – at any time

    • Overnight availability of funds

  • Interest-only payment option

  • The ability to pay back any or all of the line any time – without penalty


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