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Lease-End Opportunities

Steer customers back to your dealership.

To help dealers maximize lease-end prospects, we offer a broad range of products and services you can leverage to share information, promote your dealership and pursue repeat business.


Beginning 180 days before their lease agreements expire, we send lessees a variety of scheduled reminders, return tips and other related communications. Our efforts supplement your opportunity to engage these customers with materials and offers to get them back on your lot.

Ally Dash  offers a variety of resources to help you retain customers, including lead lists that detail:

  • When your lessee’s term will end

  • How much your lessee may owe in remaining payments if they terminate early

  • If your lessee’s vehicle has enough value to end their contract early without incurring an early end charge

Dealer Checklist

To help simplify the return process for customers, encourage them to:

  • Familiarize themselves with their SmartLease agreement

  • Return all keys, remotes and other vehicle accessories

  • Confirm that the owner’s manual and other required documents are in the vehicle


To help customers avoid lease-end surprises at your dealership, we offer:

  • A Wear Square  (PDF) to determine if any punctures, tears or other vehicle damage may result in excess wear charges

  • A Dings and Dents brochure  (PDF) with frequently asked questions and an excess wear table

Return and Purchase

Our services are designed to make returning and purchasing a breeze.

Lease Return

When you return vehicles to us, we may offer them for sale through SmartAuction  after a third-party inspection. They’ll remain on your lot until sold and picked up by the purchaser, or our transporter will take them away if unsold.


You can purchase vehicles for your own inventory or for your lessee. Our Ally Ride Return application lets you complete either transaction with ease. When purchasing for your lessee, you’ll simply have to provide the Dealer Confirmation of Vehicle Sale and the Bill of Sale as proof of resale.

The Ally Ride Return landing page displayed on a tablet.

Get Started with Ally Ride Return

Ally Ride Return lets you get quotes, return and purchase Ally-financed vehicles all in one convenient place.

  • Generate quotes for lease and retail accounts

  • Ground off-lease vehicles

  • Purchase vehicles for your inventory or customers using SmartCash

  • Digitally submit all information and required documents

  • Manage tasks at your dealership with varying access levels

  • Streamline the process to make lease-end easier for you and your customers

To get access to Ally Ride Return, register through Ally Dash  if you don’t already have an account. Or log in  to Ally Dash to add Ally Ride Return through Applications and Reports under Edit Profile.

To remit signed  End of Lease Odometer Statements  (PDF) and other associated documents to us offline, you can fax them to  1-877-290-9555

For additional assistance, call us at  1-877-290-9544