Ally Buyer's Choice®

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This exclusive Ally finance product delivers the best of buying and leasing – providing vehicle ownership with flexibility. Available for eligible GM, Chrysler and Mitsubishi brand vehicles.

Key features


  • Gives customers the option to prepay by selling their vehicle to Ally after 48 or 60 months of the contract at a predetermined price – creating an experience similar to a lease turn-in Please refer to the Ally Buyer’s Choice Rider for deductions outlined related to disposition fee, excess wear and mileage
  • Customers also have the option to keep the vehicle and continue making scheduled payments through the end of the contract term, as with a purchase
  • Fixed Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and payments for the entire term of the contract
  • No penalty for paying down or paying off the vehicle at any time during the contract; vehicle trade-in is allowed at any time
  • Payments can be estimated using the Ally Buyer's Choice Calculator


  • Dealers: GM, Chrysler and Mitsubishi
  • Customers: Must have prime credit, tiers S-C with FICO® scores of 620 or greater; credit bureau selected by Ally
  • Minimum amount financed must equal the greater of $5,000 or the Ally Buyer's Choice vehicle price
  • Not available in the state of Nevada
  • Contracts supported: Ally, Bankers Systems, R&R Law, Wisconsin WBA

Additional details:

  • Deal structure will determine contract terms up to a maximum of 84 months
  • Equal monthly payments
  • A 12,000 or 15,000 annual mileage option
  • Standard rate transactions only
  • Prime retail advance parameters apply


For customers:

  • Vehicle ownership
  • Mileage options to choose from – including 15,000/year standard or 12,000/year low
  • Flexibility to get into a new vehicle more often
  • The ability to prepay the contract by selling the vehicle to Ally at the Special Prepayment Date
  • A finance contract that can be paid down or paid off at any time without penalty
  • An Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and payments that remain the same for the entire term

For dealers:

  • An additional financing option that satisfies the needs of more customers
  • A potentially shortened customer buying cycle if the customer prepays by selling the vehicle to Ally
  • Available to business customers with an eligible co-buyer
  • The potential to increase customer traffic back to your dealership at the Special Prepayment Date
  • Possible service and body shop revenues at the time of pre-inspection
  • An avenue to purchase used vehicles sold to Ally
  • Ally Dealer Rewards earnings for eligible standard-rate contracts

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