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Specialty Vehicle Financing

Modify for multiple uses.

The lowdown on upfitting

For many businesses, municipalities and non-profit customers, one of their most important needs is to be able to modify or upfit a vehicle for the specific work they do – whether it’s adding a crane, a lift device, towing equipment, you name it.

With Ally, you can sell your products from a position of strength – because you can offer your clients a total vehicle solution: financing for the vehicle plus financing for essential upfits at up to 100% of the cost.

Key features

  • Businesses can modify trucks, vans or other commercial vehicles with special business equipment

  • Allows organizations to comply with accessibility needs by adding mobility lifts and right hand drive capability

  • SmartLease®-leased vehicles may qualify for conversions if the modifications are limited to those that can be removed from the vehicle at lease termination without affecting the original configuration or condition of the vehicle

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