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Mobile FAQs

  • What can I do with the SmartAuction mobile app?

    With the SmartAuction mobile app you can:

    • Search for vehicles. Conduct basic and advanced vehicle searches and access saved searches from your profile.
    • Get vehicle details. Get a wide variety of vehicle information, such as interior and exterior images, vehicle condition and damage and disclosures, vehicle history reports (as available), wholesale guide book values, vehicle equipment and accessory details, seller information and promotion and incentive eligibility details.
    • Communicate to sellers. Contact sellers directly from the mobile app.
    • Place bids. Place a bid, or set an Autobid amount to automatically increase your bid, up to your maximum amount. Purchase eligible vehicles directly with the Buy Now option.
    • Make offers. Conduct private, one-on-one negotiations directly with a buyer or seller. View and respond to pending offers as a buyer or seller.
    • Update and view vehicle postings. Update the vehicle price and auction status, and view a list of your posted vehicles.
  • What devices does the SmartAuction mobile app support?

    The SmartAuction mobile app is compatible with these devices:

    • Android ™ 2.2 or above
    • iPhone® 4 or above
  • How do I download the SmartAuction mobile app?

    Registered SmartAuction users can download the app online from the App Store℠ or Google PlayTM, or simply search for SmartAuction on your smartphone.

  • Is there a fee to download and use the SmartAuction mobile app?

    The SmartAuction mobile app is free from Ally, but your wireless carrier's data and message rates and roaming charges may still apply.

  • Do I need a user ID and password to login to the SmartAuction mobile app?

    Once you have registered for SmartAuction online access and your user ID and password have been established, you can use these same credentials to log in to the SmartAuction mobile app.

    If you don't have a SmartAuction user ID and password, call the SmartAuction Help Desk at 1-877-273-5572, Mon – Fri, 8 am – 7 pm ET.