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Business Auto Finance and Lease

Solutions that keep your business customers in the driver’s seat.

We’ve got the team, expertise and products you need to meet the auto financing goals of your business customers, from funding aftermarket customizations to building a fleet.

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Mon – Fri, 9 am – 7 pm ET

Commercial Services Group (CSG)

Our business is your business, and our CSG team is ready to help you achieve your goals.

We offer:

  • Expert assistance – CSG Account Executives with advanced knowledge of commercial auto financing and leasing to provide you with expert guidance and answer your questions

  • Dedicated support for you – A team that only serves dealers with commercial lending, so it’s easy to get support in sales, underwriting, funding and servicing, seven days a week

  • Superior service for your customers – A dedicated customer service team to personally assist your business customers, because satisfied customers are more likely to do business with your dealership again

Finance Products

Retail Finance and SmartLease®

Financing solutions for business customers who want predictable costs and competitive rates.

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ComTRAC® Lease

An open-ended lease that gives businesses more control of leasing terms and mileage.

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Municipal Lease-Purchase Plan

A plan specifically designed for municipalities that intend to own their vehicles.

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Commercial Vehicle Multi-Asset Contracting

With Multi-Asset Contracting, financing multiple units has never been easier. Your customers can save time and cut out paperwork with features including:

  • Submitting a single digital contract for multiple vehicles

  • Electronic signing for up to 100 units from a PC, laptop, tablet or phone

  • A streamlined contracting process that requires 80% fewer signatures

Multi-Asset Contracting isn’t available in all states, so ask your CSG Account Executive for more details.

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Special Options

Commercial Line of Credit

Provides flexible, pre-approved credit for qualified companies to finance, lease and/or convert vehicles for business use through affiliated dealers and vehicle upfitters.

Ally now offers an online portal to upload documents required to process a Commercial Line of Credit Application. You can start uploading documents here .

Dealer benefits

  • Provides funding your customers can use to acquire vehicles from your dealership

  • Streamlines your dealership’s commercial vehicle delivery process

  • Enhances customer retention

  • Facilitates sales opportunities for upfits, service and F&I products

Customer benefits

  • Preserves bank credit lines for other commercial business needs

  • Credit line conditionally available for one year

  • Convenient billing and payment options such as Auto Pay and consolidated billing statements

Financing in the Name of the Business

With Ally there are 2 ways for your business customers to finance in the name of their business:

Business name only

If a business can qualify for financing without the owner’s guaranty, it can obtain financing in the business name only. This gives owners the ability to save their personal credit for other uses.

Third Party Guaranty

When a business owner wants to purchase or lease vehicles in the name of the business − but the business entity alone doesn’t qualify for the credit needed − the owner/officer may act as a third party guarantor.

  • Builds credit in the business name only

  • Keeps the debt off the business owner’s personal credit report, unless the owner acts as guarantor and is unable to pay in the event of a default

  • Protects the owner from liability related to the operation of the vehicle, since the owner’s name stays off the vehicle’s title and contract (unlike a co-buyer/co-lessee whose name appears on the title and contract)


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