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ComTRAC® Lease

Business customer financing for business-use vehicles.

The ideal leasing program for business customers who expect their vehicles to incur
high mileage, experience abnormal depreciation or require specialized equipment.

Product Features

  • An open-end lease agreement with no limits on mileage or excess wear; wear and mileage may reduce the vehicle’s residual value and the lessee is responsible for any difference between the residual value stated in the ComTrac agreement and the actual residual at lease end

  • For vehicles that are used for business more than 50% of the time

  • Upfit financing for up to 100% of the cost

  • Customer responsibility for maintenance, insurance and taxes


Additional details

  • Leasing terms from 12 to 72 months

  • No security deposit

  • Titling in Ally’s name

What happens at lease end?

Your business customer can:

  • Buy the vehicle outright for the residual  amount determined when the vehicle was contracted (plus unpaid payments and charges)

  • Trade in the vehicle at the dealership after buying it from Ally

  • Return the vehicle to the dealer for resale. Ally will market the vehicle and bill the customer for any deficiency or refund the customer any surplus calculated. The surplus calculation is based on the difference between the vehicle’s actual residual value at lease end, compared to the contracted residual value.


For customers

  • Open-end lease  payment may generally be expensed

  • Allows financing of a wide range of commercial vehicles, including those with specialized upfits, high mileage requirements or abnormal depreciation

  • Enables customers to set low monthly payments and manage their cash flow

For dealers

  • Provides another leasing option for your commercial customers

  • Flexible residuals allow customers to set up affordable payments, helping you close sales

  • Helps promote customer satisfaction and keeps them coming back


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