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Auto Finance FAQs

  • What kinds of retail financing products does Ally offer?

    Ally offers retail financing for new and used vehicles for customers with a prime or non-prime credit rating. Products include:

  • What are the advantages of the Municipal Lease Purchase Plan?

    For customers:

    • Provides flexible financing and payment schedules, including monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual
    • Allows vehicle acquisition when needed, not just certain times of year
    • Offers clear documentation with clauses that municipalities often require

    For dealers:

    Attracts municipalities who often have multi-department fleets – potentially bringing a large volume of business to your dealership.

  • What types of business leasing does Ally offer?

    We have three lease products for businesses:

    • SmartLease® – a closed-end lease that has a fixed term and mileage limit
    • ComTRAC® – an open-end lease that gives businesses more control of leasing terms and mileage, while holding the business liable for the vehicle’s depreciation
    • Municipal Lease Purchase Plan – a leasing plan specifically designed for municipalities that intend to own their vehicles.