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Retail & SmartLease FAQs

  • What makes Ally retail financing and leasing right for my customers?

    Ally combines flexible financing options with more than 90 years of experience serving customers. With Ally, your customers will have access to our self-service website and financial tools and the peace of mind that their account is in the hands of one of the world's premier auto services providers.

  • What kinds of retail financing products does Ally offer?

    Ally offers retail financing for new and used vehicles for customers with a prime or non-prime credit rating. Products include:

  • Does Ally finance used vehicles?

    Yes. We finance the purchase of used and certified pre-owned vehicles that are less than 10 model years old and have an odometer reading of 120,000 miles or less at inception.

  • What leasing products does Ally have for individuals?

    For individual lessees, Ally offers SmartLease®, a closed-end lease that is available for select makes and models. With SmartLease:

    • The leasing terms and mileage limits are fixed upfront, so your customer is not responsible for the residual value at the end of the lease
    • The customer must pay excess mileage or wear charges, if any are incurred

    Businesses may also lease commercial-use vehicles with SmartLease – or with one of our other leasing products for businesses.

  • If I want to offer Ally retail finance and lease products in my dealership, what's the next step?

    Please contact an Ally Representative at

  • How do I estimate the residual value of a leased vehicle?

    You can approximate a leased vehicle’s residual value with the Residual Value Lease Guide (RVLG).

  • How do I calculate Ally lease payments?

    You can calculate lease payments with Netquote.

  • Do you offer SmartLease® training?

    Yes. We offer several training courses to help you maximize your success with SmartLease:

    • SmartLease teaches the potential benefits of leasing, how to calculate capital costs, mileage charges, the lease termination process and more
    • SmartLease Training/Consulting shows managers how to coach their staff on SmartLease
    • SmartLease Contracting covers the program specifics, explains the tools used to prepare SmartLease agreements and demonstrates NetQuote and the Residual Value Lease Guide
    • SmartLease Early Termination Vehicle Return Options reviews the early termination return options and how to use the vehicle return calculator

    To enroll in a SmartLease training course, please visit Ally Academy. For your convenience, most courses are offered online 24/7, with select courses available for on-site instruction at your dealership.

  • How do I get more information about SmartLease®?

    Please contact your Ally Representative or email us at