Access prospectus materials and servicer reports for public Asset-Backed Securities (ABS) transactions serviced by Ally Financial.

  • Retail Automotive Securitization
    • Issued primarily through Ally Auto Receivables Trust (AART) and Capital Auto Receivables Asset Trust (AFIN)
    • Primary assets of the trust are fixed rate retail installment sales contracts or leases used to finance the purchase or lease of new and used cars and light trucks
  • Wholesale Automotive Securitization
    • Issued primarily through Ally Master Owner Trust (AMOT)
    • Primary assets of the trust are revolving pools of receivables arising under floor plan financing agreements between Ally Financial and the group of retail automotive dealers

Auto Securitization Presentations

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Ally Financial makes securitization information available on Finsight. The information provided is in accordance with Securities Exchange Commission Rule 240.17g-5 as described in paragraphs (a)(3)(iii)(C) and (D) of that section.

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  1. Send an email to with the following:
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    • Non-hired NRSRO's SEC certificate
    • Proof the certificate was submitted to the SEC
  2. Once your information is verified, Finsight will send you an email with instructions that will allow you access to Finsight and the Ally Financial non-hired NRSRO information.

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Ally Financial Prospectuses

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