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  • How do I enroll in Ally Auto Online Services?

    Please visit Ally Auto and select Enroll Now to get started.

    How it works:

    1. Enter your account information.
    2. Add your vehicle(s).
    3. Create your username and password, and set up your profile.
    4. Authorize Ally Auto to send account information electronically.

    What you’ll need:

    • Last 4 digits of your social security number (SSN) or taxpayer identification number (TIN)
    • Date of birth
    • Account number or VIN

    You can also enroll via our mobile app, Ally Auto Mobile Pay. Download for iPhone and Android.

  • How do I log in to Ally Auto Online Services?

    1. Select Log In from this page and choose Auto Login, or go to
    2. Enter your Ally Auto Online Services username and password.
    3. Select Log In.

    Don’t have an Ally Auto username and password? Enroll now.

    You can also enroll via our mobile app, Ally Auto Mobile Pay. Download for iPhone and Android.

  • Should I register my device?

    It depends. If you register your personal device, you’ll still have to enter your username and password when you log in.

    We don’t recommend registering shared devices. When you log in from an unregistered device, we may use additional verification in the form of challenge questions to make sure it's really you.

  • I am being asked to input additional information during the log in process. Is my information safe and secure?

    We recognize that you have to input additional information to successfully access your account. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • How do I change a challenge question for Ally Auto Online Services?

    1. Log in to Ally Auto Online Services.
    2. From the My Vehicles page, select My Online Profile under Manage My Profile.
    3. Select Challenge Questions.
    4. Select a question and provide an answer.
    5. Select Update.

    For your security, remember to choose questions with answers only you would know.

  • What are challenge questions and why do I need them for Ally Auto Online Services?

    Challenge questions help prevent someone who is not you from accessing your Auto Account. We may ask you these when you log in from an unregistered device to verify it's you.

    When you log in to your Auto Account, we'll give you the option to register your device. If you choose to register, we'll recognize your device each time you log in, and you may not have to answer challenge questions in the future.

    Visit our Security Center to learn more about how we protect your information.

  • The website won't accept my date of birth. What can I do?

    When typing in your date of birth, you must use forward slashes (ex. mm/dd/yyyy).

  • My account is locked. What do I do?

    If your online access has been temporarily locked, contact us.

  • How do you protect my identity?

    We thoroughly train our employees to protect your personal information.

    • Whenever you contact us (by phone, online and through our mobile apps) we protect your data and accounts by asking you for information that only you should know.
    • We may confirm your identity with a single-use security code during the login process.
    • We use technologies such as firewalls (which protect systems from intrusion) and encryption (scrambling of information).
    • We continually review and enhance our security tools and procedures.

    Visit our Security Center on the desktop site for more information on how to protect your identity.

  • How can I be sure I’m logging into the real Ally Auto website?

    Look for https:// in the web address (URL) on login, enrollment and open accounts pages. When you see this, you’ll know you are on the secure Ally website. Another way to be sure you are logging in to the real Ally site is to open a browser and type in the URL

  • How does Ally Auto Online Services keep my information secure?

    We use multiple levels of security to help protect your information. We use 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption for all communications between your browser and our servers that contain your personal information.

    Here's how you can tell communications are encrypted:

    • Look for the padlock at the bottom of your browser window.
    • Confirm that the URL begins with https://.

    Use these tips to protect your information online:

    • Don't use a password that can be guessed by someone you know.
    • Never write down your password or disclose it to anyone else.
    • Always log out when you've finished with Ally Online Services.
    • Always exit your browser after you log out.
  • Where is my Ally Auto Online Services trusted image?

    In our new streamlined login, you'll enter your username and password on a single screen, and you'll no longer need to verify a trusted image.

    As always, you can be confident your account is secure. We’ll still ask you a challenge question to make sure it's you when we need additional verification.

    For more information about how we protect your information, visit our Security Center.