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Business Auto Finance FAQs

  • Are aftermarket products available for financing on a Municipal Lease-Purchase?

    Municipalities can check with their dealerships to see if they offer financing for aftermarket products on a Municipal Lease-Purchase.

  • Is the municipality responsible for its own insurance?

    Yes. The municipality maintains insurance on the vehicle in accordance with insurance requirements for retail financing transactions.

  • What if the municipality is self-insured?

    Since many municipalities are self-insured, we may consider a waiver of the physical damage and liability insurance requirements.

  • Can manufacturer incentives be used on a Municipal Lease-Purchase?

    Manufacturers set eligibility for incentives. Your dealership can explain any incentives currently available.

  • Will I be charged for mileage or wear on my ComTRAC Lease vehicle?

    No. You're responsible for the full residual balance of the vehicle at the end of the lease. Note: Vehicles with high mileage and wear may not sell for the full residual value owed on the ComTRAC Lease, and this could leave you with a balance due.