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Alerts and notifications FAQs

  • Why do you send me an alert when I make a transfer?

    We send you an alert after certain account activities – just so you'll know what's happening with your account.

    For example, if a transfer was made in error, you will know about it and be able to correct it quickly.

  • What types of alerts will Ally Bank send me?

    We send security, transfers and other alerts automatically to help you keep track of your account activity, and you can create custom alerts to stay on top of balances, deposits, overdrafts, transactions and rate changes.

    To view alerts or manage your alert preferences:

    • Log in to online banking
    • Go to the Profile and Communications Menu 
    • Select Alerts

    For your protection, you can't unsubscribe from automatic alerts, but you can choose to receive some of them by email, text or both.

  • What is the difference between security alerts and secure email?

    We will send you security alerts to notify you of unsuccessful login attempts or password changes, or if we notice suspicious activity on your account.

    These alerts can come to you by email, but they are not the same as secure email.

    Secure email is a way for you to contact us through Ally Online Banking if you have a specific question about your account.

    Simply log in to your account and to go secure email. It's as easy as sending an email from a personal email account–only we make sure that your information is kept secure.

  • How do I sign up for text alerts from Ally Bank?

    Log in to online banking and select Alerts from the Profile and Communications Menu .

    • Go to Add a Mobile Number
    • Enter the mobile number you'd like to use
    • Check your phone for a text from us and reply YES to complete verification

    If we can't verify your mobile number, we'll keeping sending alerts to the email address in your profile.

  • How do I stop receiving text alerts from Ally Bank?

    You can either reply STOP to any of our text alerts or update your alert settings in online banking. Keep in mind, if you reply STOP you won't receive any text alerts from us, so if you'd like to edit preferences for a particular alert, you'll need to do so in online banking.

  • Will providing a mobile number for text alerts update my profile or security code delivery options?

    No. If you want to change the mobile number in your profile or security code delivery information, you'll need to do so separately in online banking.

  • Are all alerts eligible for text delivery?

    No. At this time you'll receive Bill Pay, Popmoney®, non-Ally Bank account transfers, CD transfer reminders and Ally eCheck Deposit℠ alerts by email only.

    We'll also notify you by email when you add your debit card to Apple Pay® or open a new account with us.