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Login FAQs

  • How do I log in to my online account?

    If you already have an Ally Bank online account with a username and password, you can log in to from your computer. You can also log in to from your mobile phone, or download our Mobile Banking app for iPhone® or Android™.

    To get online access, open a new account online or call Customer Care Support at 1-877-247-2559 to get started.

  • What’s an Online Banking password hint?

    A word or phrase that reminds you of your password if you forget it.

  • I’ve forgotten my username or password or my username is blocked. What should I do?

    Forgotten or blocked username:

    If you’ve forgotten your Ally Bank username or if it’s blocked, simply call us 24/7 at 1-877-247-2559 to have it reset.

    Forgotten password:

    Go to the Forgot username or password? link at the bottom of the home page Login box and choose password to have your password hint emailed to you or to reset your password.

  • What should I do when I forget my password?

    From the online banking login screen:

    1. Select the Forgot your password? link beneath the box where you would enter your password.
    2. Enter your Username and Social Security #.
    3. Choose Email my password hint to have your password hint emailed to you at the address you provided for your account, or Create a new password to create a new password online.
  • Where’s my online banking trusted image?

    We’ve streamlined the process for logging in to your bank accounts. You can now enter your username and password on a single screen and no longer need to verify a trusted image (formerly called the SafeKeys image). As always, you can be confident that your bank accounts are secure. We’ll still send you a security code to make sure it’s you when we need additional verification.

  • What’s a Security Code in Online Banking?

    It’s a 6-digit code that you can ask us to send in a text message or email when you log in from a device we don’t recognize. The code can only be used once, and expires 20 minutes after it’s sent.

  • How long do Security Codes take to arrive?

    It depends how the code was sent. If it was sent as an email, it may take a few minutes to arrive (remember to check your SPAM folder). If the code was sent as a text message, it normally will arrive within a few seconds. If it has not arrived yet, try sending it again. If you have set up another option to receive security codes you can try sending it to that email address or phone number.

  • Should I save the Security Code?

    No. Since this is a randomly generated one-time code you won’t need to use it again.

  • How can I change where the security code is sent?

    Once you log in to online banking:

    1. Go to the Profile and Communications Menu  at the top right of the page.
    2. Select Profile.
    3. Select Security Code Delivery from the navigation on the left.
    4. Update your delivery options.

    For your protection, you can’t change where you receive security codes until you have completed logging in.

  • What carriers are supported to receive a Security Code via a text message?

    AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile®, Alltel, Nextel, Boost, U.S. Cellular, MetroPCS, nTelos, ACS Wireless, Bluegrass Cellular, Cellular One of East Central Illinois, Centennial Wireless, Cox Communications, Cox Wireless,  Appalachian Wireless, GCI Communications, Golden State, Illinois Valley Cellular, Keystone Wireless, Inland Cellular, NEPA, Nex-Tech Wireless, Thumb Cellular, United Wireless, West Central Wireless, Cellcom, C Spire Wireless, Cricket, Cincinnati Bell Wireless and Virgin Mobile.

  • How can I get HELP from my phone when I receive the Security Code as a text?

    If you need assistance from your phone when you receive a security code, just text HELP to 25597 for more information. View our SMS terms and conditions to learn more.

  • How frequently will I receive text messages containing Security Codes?

    You’ll only receive a text message containing a security code when you request it to be sent.

  • How do I STOP Security Codes from being sent as a text to my phone?

    If you want to stop Ally Bank from sending security codes to your phone, text STOP to 25597. If you wish to receive security codes again, just text OPTIN to 25597.

  • Do message and data rates apply to Security Codes sent as a text message?

    We don’t charge a message delivery fee, but standard message and data rates from your carrier may apply. Check with your provider if you have any questions about your plan and the cost of receiving text messages.

  • Should I register this computer in Online Banking?

    It depends on the type of computer you’re on. If you’re on a personal computer that you use frequently it’s a good idea to register it. If you’re on a friend’s computer or a computer used by the public you should not register it.

  • Can I register more than one computer in Online Banking?

    Yes. You can register as many computers as you want. To register another computer simply log in from it. After you enter your security code you’ll be given the option to register the computer.

  • Which browsers work best with online banking?

    For best results, we recommend you use: