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Top Product FAQs

  • What vehicle financing options are available through Ally?

    Ally offers a variety of auto financing products to meet a broad range of dealer and customer needs, including:

  • What types of business leasing does Ally offer?

    We have three lease products for businesses:

    • SmartLease® – a closed-end lease that has a fixed term and mileage limit
    • ComTRAC® – an open-end lease that gives businesses more control of leasing terms and mileage, while holding the business liable for the vehicle’s depreciation
    • Municipal Lease Purchase Plan – a leasing plan specifically designed for municipalities that intend to own their vehicles.
  • What are the benefits of Ally wholesale floorplanning?

    Ally Wholesale Floorplanning offers:

    • Online administration – a secure feature that enhances your internal inventory controls
    • SmartCash® – our electronic transaction capability that nets mutual obligations for efficient, electronic payments
    • Floorplan insurance – competitive rates, aggregate weather deductibles, and industry-leading claims service
    • Used-vehicle floorplanning – finance used-vehicle inventory and directly floorplan your SmartAuction® purchases
  • What kinds of dealer loans are available?

    We have a variety of products to meet dealer lending needs, including:

    • Real estate loans
    • Dealership equipment loans
    • Working capital loans
    • Electronic revolving lines of credit
  • If I want to offer Ally RV finance products in my dealership, what’s the next step?

    Please contact your Ally representative or our RV support team at 1-800-814-8842, Monday - Friday, 10:00 am to 8:00 pm ET, or email us at

  • What kind of wholesale floorplanning financing does Ally offer RV dealers?

    We provide new and used floorplan financing to RV dealers, offering competitive rates and terms tailored to meet individual dealer needs. Some of the benefits of floorplanning with Ally include:

    • Instant floorplanning of auction units at participating auctions
    • An option for qualified dealers to receive wholesale financing for all or a portion of their inventory
    • The ability to earn interest to offset floorplan charges by depositing cash into a credit account plan (CAP)

Top Ally Difference FAQs

  • What is the Ally Dealer Rewards program?

    Ally Dealer Rewards is a loyalty program that provides incentives to eligible dealers for selling or using qualifying Ally products and services.

  • Who do I contact with questions about the Ally Dealer Rewards program?

    Call your Ally Representative or send an email to

Top Training FAQs

  • How will Ally Academy courses benefit my dealership?

    Benefits include:

    • Practical knowledge – real-world exercises develop skills that directly apply to daily work
    • Flexible course schedules – classes can be taken online 24/7 or at your dealership
    • Reinforced learning – knowledge checks review key information
    • Printable guides – handy reference guides are provided for use in the course – and on the job
    • Progress tracking – employees can review their course-taking history and plan upcoming classes
    • Course certificates – upon completion, learners receive a certificate to recognize their achievement
  • What kinds of classes are offered in Ally Academy?

    Ally Academy offers courses in the following subjects:

    • About Ally
    • Retail
    • Lease
    • Business Vehicle Finance
    • Accounting
    • Management
    • Legal and compliance
    • SmartAuction

    Examples of some of the most popular courses include:

    • Managing Retail Operations (MRO)
    • Finance & Insurance (F&I) Management
    • SmartLease®
    • SmartAuction®
    • Commercial Services Business Vehicle Certification
    • ECOA Awareness
    To view a complete course listing, please visit the Ally Academy site.