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How Our Security Approach Protects You

Your security is one of Ally's top priorities. For your protection, only people who need your information to do their jobs have access to the personal information you provide us. Below are details about how our layered security strategy helps keep our customers safe.

Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Protection

This type of protection helps detect and prevent viruses and malicious software.


These network security systems help block unauthorized access.

Transport Layer Security (TLS) Encryption

We use encryption technology to help protect your information from being intercepted; creating a secure connection with your browser when you log in, complete an application, or enroll in online services. For security reasons, we may block access to if your connection is associated with suspicious activity. This includes certain VPN providers, internet relays, or public networks associated with activities that could potentially put your information at risk. We encourage you to directly connect to over a secure and trusted network

2-Step Authentication

When additional verification is needed, we activate extra security measures like asking you a question that only you know the answer to or sending a security code to a device that you've registered. You may also know this as 2-factor or multi-factor authentication.

Online and Mobile Security Guarantee for Ally Bank

At Ally Bank (Member FDIC), we guarantee that you will not be liable for any unauthorized Online or Mobile Banking transaction as long as you report the unauthorized transaction by calling us at 1-877-247-2559 within 60 days from when your statement is made available.

Free Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Software

Ally Bank customers can download and install Webroot® SecureAnywhere™ at no cost on up to 3 devices.

Credential Confidentiality

We don’t share your usernames and passwords – and we strongly recommend you don’t share them either.

Automatic Logout

We automatically log you out of your secure session after a period of inactivity to help protect you against others seeing or using your online accounts.

Account Monitoring

Our company monitors online account activity for potential fraud.

Site and App Review

We review web sites, app providers like the App Store℠ and Google Play™ and other areas online to detect phishing, malware and fraudulent apps that are targeting Ally and its customers.

Suspect Fraud?

Call the Ally Fraud Hotline at 1-833-226-1520 .