Comparison Chart

Because you should never have to pay for options you don’t need and aren’t going to use, any of these base plans can be purchased “as is” or easily customized to suit your unique lifestyle or budget.

Components Covered Premium Select Major Basic
Engine (Turbocharger / Supercharger)
All internally-lubricated parts contained within the engine, plus the following:
Oil pump
Harmonic balancer
Intake and exhaust manifolds
Timing belt
Turbocharger / supercharger
Engine mounts
Cylinder blocks
Cylinder heads
Oil pan, timing chain cover and valve covers (only if damaged by failure of a covered internally-lubricated engine part)
Transmission & Transfer Case
All internally-lubricated parts contained within the transmission (automatic or standard) and transfer case, plus the following:
Torque converter
Vacuum modulator
Electronic shift control unit
Transmission mounts
Transmission case, oil pan, and transfer case (only if damaged by failure of a covered internally-lubricated transmission or transfer case part)
Drive Axle (Front and Rear)
All internally-lubricated parts contained within the drive axle housing
Locking hubs
Drive shafts
Center support bearings
Universal joints
Constant velocity joints (except when damaged as a result of a torn or missing CV boot)
Drive axle housing and differential cover (only if damaged by failure of a covered internally-lubricated drive axle part)
Steering gear box or rack and pinion gear housing and all internally-lubricated parts
Power steering pump
Steering knuckles
Pitman arm
Idler arm
Tie rod ends
Drag link
Upper and lower steering column shafts and their couplings
Master cylinder
Vacuum assist booster
Disc brake caliper
Wheel cylinders
Compensating valve
Brake system hydraulic lines and fittings
Engine Cooling
Engine cooling fan
Motor water pump
Fan clutch
Fuel System
Fuel delivery pump
Fuel injection pump
Fuel injectors
Fuel tank
Metal fuel delivery lines
Suspension (Front and Rear)
Upper and lower control arms
Control arm shafts and bearings or bushings
Upper and lower ball joints
Radius arm and bushings
Torsion bars and mounts or bushings
Stabilizer bar, links and bushings
Spindle and spindle support
Wheel bearings
Heating & Air Conditioning
Compressor clutch and pulley
Expansion valve
Blower motor
Heater core
The following parts are also covered if required in connection with the repair of a covered part listed above:
Accumulator / receiver dryer
Orifice tube
Electrical Components
Voltage regulator
Starter motor, solenoid, and drive
Engine wiring harness
Transmission wiring harness
Ignition switch
Front and rear window wiper motor and switch
Washer pump and switch
Headlamp switch
Turn signal switch
Rear defogger switch
Manual heater/A.C. control head
Heater/A.C. blower speed switch
Power window motor and switch
Power door lock actuator and switch
High Tech Optional Optional Optional
Variable dampening suspension compressor      
Control module, actuator, solenoid, height sensor and mode selector switch See Coverage Add-Ons
Computerized timing control unit
Ignition control module
Ignition coil
Oxygen sensor
Knock sensor
Camshaft and crankshaft angle sensors
Automatic climate control programmer
Electronic instrument cluster
Electronic combination entry system (Does not include transmitters and receivers for remote locks)
Cruise control module, transducer, servo, amplifier, and engagement switch
Power seat motor and switch
Power antenna motor
Convertible top motor
Power sunroof motor
ABS brake system electronic control processor
ABS master cylinder
Wheel speed sensors, hydraulic pump / motor assembly
Pressure modulator valve / isolation dump valve and accumulator
Hardware for factory installed in-vehicle communication systems
Satellite radio
Seals & Gaskets Optional Optional Optional
Seals and gaskets are covered for the following component groups:      
Drive axle See Coverage Add-Ons
Transmission & transfer case
Engine (turbocharger / supercharger)
Fuel system
Engine cooling
Electrical components
Heating & air conditioning
Luxury Electronics Optional Optional Optional Optional
Wear and Tear Optional Optional Optional Optional