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Annual Reports and Proxy Statements

Ally Financial 2022 Annual Report

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Ally Financial 2022 Annual Report

Our 2022 10-K Annual Report (PDF 10.8 MB) provides extensive information about our financial results and is available here and on the SEC filings page.

Prior Annual Reports

2021 10-K Annual Report  (PDF 6.6 MB)
2020 10-K Annual Report  
(PDF 6.6 MB)
2019 10-K Annual Report  (PDF 11.22 MB)
2018 10-K Annual Report  (PDF 7.58 MB)
2017 10-K Annual Report  (PDF 5.53 MB)
2016 10-K Annual Report  (PDF 3.04 MB)
2015 10-K Annual Report  (PDF 1.37 MB)
2014 10-K Annual Report  (PDF 1.3 MB)
2013 10-K Annual Report  (PDF 1.39 MB)
2012 10-K Annual Report  (PDF 5.6 MB)
2011 10-K Annual Report  (PDF 1.28 MB)
2010 10-K Annual Report  (amended) (PDF 121.2 KB)
2009 10-K Annual Report  (PDF 1.36 MB)
2008 10-K Annual Report  (amended) (PDF 601.2 KB)
2008 10-K Annual Report  (PDF 1.38 MB)

Ally Financial 2023 Proxy Statement

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Ally Financial 2022 Proxy Statement

Learn about our annual meeting and more by reviewing our  2023 Proxy Statement (PDF 9.2 MB) .

Prior Proxy Statements

2022 Proxy Statement (PDF 5.4 MB)
2021 Proxy Statement  
(PDF 3.54 MB)
2020 Proxy Statement
 (PDF 2.52 MB)
2019 Proxy Statement  (PDF 708.55 KB)
2018 Proxy Statement  (PDF 479.95 KB)
2017 Proxy Statement  (PDF 2.63 MB)
2016 Proxy Statement  (PDF 423.05 KB)

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