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Diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Relentless allies in action.

A young black man in a grey sweater shakes hands with a young white man in a tan sweater, in front of a wooden wall adorned with repeating Ally logos.

Doing culture right from the inside, out.

Our journey of diversity, equity, and inclusion began the day we opened our digital doors. Our goal was to create and advance a culture where all backgrounds, experiences, interests, viewpoints, and skills are respected, appreciated, and encouraged. Since then, Ally has remained committed to doing it right—for our employees, customers, and communities we serve.

Being even better with every milestone.

In 2015, under the leadership of CEO Jeffrey “JB” Brown, we created an inclusion infrastructure that became the heart and soul of our culture. From there, each new year offered new opportunity to build on our promise by putting more plans into action—and there’s still so much to do.

A light-brown skinned pregnant woman and a man sit on a couch smiling as the man rests one hand on the woman’s stomach.


Developed and implemented our DE&I strategy, created our Executive Diversity Council, hired our Chief Diversity Officer, and launched Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).

Enhanced parental leave, offering 100% pay and up to 12 weeks for mothers and fathers.

Launched “Moguls In the Making” an entrepreneurial program aimed at students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).


Increased racial justice awareness by engaging more than 40% of employees in ongoing racial justice conversations.

Accelerated relationship efforts with diverse auto dealers and trade associations.

Committed $4.3 million to local communities supporting social equity, economic mobility, and COVID relief.

In a modern-looking boardroom, a black woman in a suit gives a presentation to people sitting at long white tables and taking notes.
On a busy city street, an electronic billboard displays the Ally logo on a lighter purple background as a red car zooms by.


Eliminated all overdraft fees – because it’s the right thing to do.

Introduced the DECIDE curriculum to help break unconscious bias using the SEEDS Model® of Similarity, Expedience, Experience, Distance, and Safety.

Deliberately focused on showcasing Equity in training, pay, and benefits across all areas of the organization. Added the word “Equity” to our Diversity and Inclusion team name and logo.


Began observing new paid holidays, including Juneteenth for our American team members, and National Day for Truth and Reconciliation for Canadians.

Kicked off our coaching and development program for high-performing women and underrepresented talent, completed by 33 analysts and managers.

Started our 3-year relationship with the Association of Latino Professionals For America (ALPFA), focusing on attracting, hiring, and developing Hispanic/Latino talent.

A young white male in green t-shirt and jeans and a young light-brown skinned female in a white sweater and jeans sit in grey chairs and have a discussion in front of a dark green wall with a grey Ally logo on it.
  • To date, Ally has committed $1+ billion per year in loans and investments that benefit low/moderate income communities.

CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™

In 2018, Ally’s CEO was among the first 150 of more than 2,000 CEOs to make a united commitment to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace as part of the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge.

Our promise begins with our people.

It all starts with attracting and nurturing a diverse and talented team. Together, we are our own most relentless allies.

Representation, transparency, accountability, and action.

36% of directors on our board are women or people of color.

of directors on our board are women or people of color.

50% of our executive council team are women or people of color.

of our executive council team are women or people of color.

26% of women or people of color were promoted or moved into new roles to advance their career in 2022.

of women or people of color were promoted or moved into new roles to advance their career in 2022.

82% retention rate for women or people of color in 2022.

retention rate for women or people of color in 2022.

We believe the best ideas come from a collective environment of different voices and perspectives. We’ve come a long way, but, as our employee demographics show, we have room to improve. We’ll continue working hard towards creating such an environment.

View 2022 Ally Employee Demographics

Employee Resource Groups -
Every voice is heard.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) provide the platform for our people to join the conversation, connect with one another, and affect positive change in or outside the workplace. Everyone is welcome to join any group and learn more about their fellow teammates.

Over 50% of Ally employees are members of ERGs.

Ally ERGs hosted more than 220 community events in 2022.

Progressive about pay.

We believe equal access to earning potential is essential in attracting, keeping, and inspiring top talent.

An illustration of a hand holding a stack of money
  • In 2017, we eliminated pay history, ensuring candidates are paid in line with the market.

  • All eligible employees are awarded Ally stock annually through our #OwnIt Annual Grant Program.

  • Our minimum wage currently stands at $23 per hour.

  • Pay rates for all positions are routinely reviewed, ensuring equitable pay across the organization.

A benefits package that goes beyond basic.

We understand that different families have different needs, which is why we’re always evolving our benefits to accommodate our employees.

Highlights from our benefits package include:

An illustration of a multicultural family of four. The father stands in back, the mother is holding an infant, and a toddler daughter stands in front.

Fertility support: Provides guidance, education, and support to help team members realize their family-building dreams.

Adoption and surrogacy assistance: $35,000 per adoption, up to two children; and $35,000 towards legal surrogacy agreements, for up to two occurrences.

Expanded LGBTQ+ Support: help locating providers specializing in LGBTQ needs, expert guidance for gender affirmation services, and access to online resources.

An illustration of a mortar board graduation cap and a rolled up diploma.

Tuition reimbursement: $10,000/year towards pursuing an accredited degree.

Student loan paydown: $100 monthly contribution, up to a lifetime maximum of $10,000.

529 SaveUp: $100 monthly contribution, up to a lifetime maximum of $10,000, towards a 529 savings plan.

Financial Well-being
An illustration of an open laptop with an Ally logo, a money tree, and an staggered line and arrow trending up and to the right on the screen.

Industry-leading 401(k) plan: Includes a generous company match, and contributions that can add up to 10% of eligible compensation.

Financial Finesse Hub: Provides education on a wide range of financial topics via articles, blogs and video.

Financial coach: Offers unlimited access to free, unbiased Certified Financial Planners.

Health and Wellness
An illustration of a dark-skinned woman sitting in a meditative pose, with a large heart behind her.

Hearing aids: Allowance of up to $2,500 every three years for anyone enrolled in an Ally medical plan.

Applied behavior therapy: Medical plan provides unlimited coverage for medically necessary services often used in therapies and services of autism.

Emotional well-being: Access to 16 free EAP counseling sessions with a coach or therapist, plus additional online resources, webinars, workshops, and group sessions.

Virtual second opinion: A no-cost option available to support you and your family members, covered under an Ally medical plan.

View our full benefits package

Creating opportunities and empowering excellence.

We work hard on programs dedicated to making top talent be even better. They focus on attracting diverse talent, training, professional growth, networking, and more – with new development ideas always in the works.

NeuroLeadership Institute Bias Training

A four-week curriculum of research-based, easy-to-digest tools helping our team immediately identify cognitive bias, plus make more informed, effective, and confident decisions when it matters most. In 2022, our bias training program was completed by more than 2,425 of our managers and strategy leaders.

an illustration of two heads facing each other. The one on the left has two exclamation points on it, the one on the right as a question mark on it.

Ally Mentorship Program

Our mentorship program helps our team members take control of their personal and professional development by leveraging knowledge, experience, and perspective from one Ally to another.

An illustration of a woman standing at the top of a flight of stairs, holding the hand of a woman at the bottom and helping her up.

1,606 employees are participating in the mentoring program as of January 2023.

Moguls in the Making

Through this innovative business pitch competition, groups of students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) have an opportunity to showcase their business savvy through the development of business plans focused on advancing economic mobility. In 2022, we awarded participating students more than $215,000 in prizes, scholarships, and extended offers for paid internships, giving them an opportunity to receive valuable career experience at Ally.

Moguls in the Making logo

Results to date: 40 interns    |    13 full-time hires

Supporting LGBTQ+ every day, in every way.

We’re committed to amplifying every voice and making finances work for everyone through your day-to-day financial journey, community events and collaboration. Because no matter who you are or who you love, everyone deserves an ally.

Learn more about Ally Pride
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Financial and Social Inclusion

As an extension of our existing commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, we put our values into purposeful actions that promote equity for our communities, customers, employees and suppliers.

For Our Communities:

We continue to create opportunities for economic mobility where we work and live, especially for marginalized communities, who often face disproportionate challenges.


  • Earned two consecutive “Outstanding” ratings for our work under the Community Reinvestment Act.

  • Deployed $1.1 billion in loans and investments to more than 100 community-based organizations.

  • Contributed over $15 million through grants and sponsorships to support issues that impact Ally communities.

  • Employees completed over 27,000 hours of volunteer service in support of our communities.

  • Grew the Ally Charitable Foundation endowment to $80 million positioning it to serve communities for years to come.

For Our Customers:

Help enable financial and social inclusion through our culture of customer obsession, by developing education and solutions to support and strengthen economic mobility for all.



Teams spent time aligning on and working under five key themes, grounded by research:

  • Trust.  Build trust by helping to prepare consumers for the financial system.

  • Access. Create an entry into banking solutions as a first step, and examining next logical steps of unlocking access to credit, home ownership and building wealth.

  • Knowledge. Further curate materials and programs consumers can reference starting at the beginning of their financial journey and all throughout. Concepts such as: how to control spending, beginning to save, how to monitor and build credit, buying a home, investing, and buying a car.

  • Credit. Create tools to help aid in establishing, improving, monitoring, and further building credit.

  • Spending and saving. Demonstrate a pathway for the future using a laddered approach; realizing there must first be financial education before you can take the next step to understand where to start, and that every consumer may start from a different place.


  • Created specialized support to ensure bilingual processors can assist Spanish-speaking customers with the final stages of completing their auto financing.

  • Continued to support minority dealer ownership and foster an environment where dealer ownership is more reflective of the customer base.

  • Strengthened efforts with equity-focused advocate groups.

  • Helped enable development of future minority dealer candidates through launch of NAMAD (National Association of Minority Auto Dealers)’s Dealer Assessment Program, powered by Ally.

For Our Employees:

Community betterment starts from the inside out. As such, we aspire to create a diverse workforce that is truly reflective of the communities in which we live and work.


  • Implemented new programs to improve retention and mobility of minority employees and established initiatives to boost executive-level representation.

  • Enhanced our recruiting process with a more deliberate focus on equity.

  • Provided over $500k in employee relief grants for those experiencing financial hardship.

  • Committed to identifying and mitigating impacts of unconscious bias in all processes leveraging NeuroLeadership Bias Training.

For Our Suppliers:

We are intentional about collaborating and working with a diverse group of minority and women-owned business enterprises.


  • Established Ally's Supplier Diversity program in January 2020.

  • Continued to build relationships with diverse suppliers and create networking opportunities with Ally’s business leaders by hosting our annual Supplier Diversity Symposium and quarterly spotlights. 

  • Expanded our second-tier reporting program to create a holistic view of Ally’s spending in our communities.

  • Increased portfolio of diverse suppliers.

Ally Chief Diversity Officer Reggie Willis

“It’s not just about bringing difference and diversity into your workplace and trying to get them to assimilate. It’s really about having some core values and a culture of inclusion and then allowing the space for those differences and those voices to be heard.”

– Reggie Willis, Chief Diversity Officer

Recognition follows when everyone’s included.

We’re proud to provide a place where people can be themselves – and it shows.

Forbes 2022 Best Employers for Diversity award
Human Rights Campaign Foundation 2022 Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality award
Diversity Inc 2022 Top 50 Companies for Diversity award