Excess Wear Table


Normal wear

Excess wear

Dings, dents, chips, scratches, corrosion and poor prior repair

Individual occurrences of damage 2" or less in diameter with the exception of hail damage and punctures

Individual occurrences of damage over 2" in diameter if they can be repaired for $100 or less

Scratches that can be buffed out during reconditioning

Individual occurrences of body, bumpers and molding damage larger than 2" in diameter that cannot be repaired for $100 or less, or any puncture

Exterior missing or broken parts (regardless of cost)

Visible sand/grinding marks, rough texture, excessive overspray or bad color match larger than 2" in diameter

All damage that reduces re-marketability or impairs vehicle appearance

Frame/Inner structureAll damage or poor repair of damage that affects the vehicle's structural integrity


Normal wear

Excess wear

Burns, stains, cuts, tears and singed areasBurns, stains, cuts, tears and singed areas 1/2" or less in diameterBurns, stains, cuts, tears and singed areas greater than 1/2" in diameter
Any removable stain

Tires and wheels:

Normal wear

Excess wear


Tread depth of 1/8" or more at the shallowest point

Tires must match manufacturer's recommended guidelines

Tread depth of less than 1/8" at the shallowest point

Gouges, cuts, sidewall plugs or tires in a condition affecting passenger safety

WheelsScuffs or minor nicks to wheels or wheel covers

Broken, cracked, bent or mismatched wheels

Glass and lenses:

Normal wear

Excess wear

WindshieldDamage 1/2" or less in diameterDamage greater than 1/2" in diameter or any hole
Lights, turn signals, and lampsCracks 2" or less in diameterCracks greater than 2" in length or any hole

Mechanical/Electrical maintenance:

Normal wear

Excess wear

Mechanical/Electrical vehicle maintenance

Non-operational or malfunctioning equipment

Substandard or incomplete repair

Any replacement part that does not meet manufacturer's specifications

Vehicle system failures that result from not adhering to manufacturer's maintenance requirements

Missing and broken parts:

Normal wear

Excess wear

Missing equipment or broken parts

Any missing equipment or broken parts (includes all keys, keyless entry remotes, electric vehicle chargers and cables, DVD player headphones and remotes, cargo covers, convertible boot covers, etc.)

Any replacement part that doesn't meet manufacturer’s specifications

Aftermarket Alterations:

Normal wear

Excess wear

AlterationsAny modification, including, but not limited to, suspension modifications, changing vehicle color or non-factory paint schemes, lettering or graphics, holes in frame, post-delivery customizing, engine adaptations, fuel system adaptations, tinted or engraved glass