Wholesale Floorplan and Insurance

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Wholesale floorplan

Ally’s wholesale lending products and programs are specifically tailored to the RV industry with attractive terms and flexible credit lines designed to accommodate the seasonal fluctuations of the RV industry.


  • New and used floorplan financing
  • Competitive rates and terms tailored to meet individual dealer needs
  • Instant floorplanning of auction units at participating auctions
  • The ability to earn an interest offset on floorplan charges by maintaining funds in a Credit Account Plan

Floorplan insurance

Ally’s floorplan insurance protects your inventory and provides you with peace of mind. Should your inventory suffer a loss or damage due to weather, theft or vandalism, your assets are protected with flexible, affordable and comprehensive coverage that stands alone in the industry.


  • Competitive rates
  • Aggregate weather deductibles
  • Industry-leading claims service

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