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RV Finance FAQs

  • What makes Ally RV financing right for my customers?

    Ally combines flexible financing options with more than 90 years of experience serving customers. With Ally, your customers will have peace of mind that their account is in the hands of one of the world's premier providers of RV finance services.

  • How can RV dealerships benefit from the Ally Dealer Rewards program?

    Our exclusive Ally Dealer Rewards program provides incentives to eligible RV dealers for selling or using Ally products. The program operates under one simple idea: the more business you do with us, the more we reward you.

  • Does Ally finance used RVs?

    Yes. We finance used RVs up to 10 model years old with 75,000 miles or less at inception.

  • What kinds of loans are available to RV dealerships?

    Ally provides three main types of loans to RV dealers:

    • Wholesale floorplanning
    • Working capital
    • Real estate
  • What is Ally RV Express?

    Ally RV Express enables dealers to evaluate their customers’ credit backgrounds and quickly determine if they qualify for Ally financing.

  • What is a credit account plan (CAP) and how does it benefit me?

    Ally offers RV dealers the ability to earn interest to offset floorplan charges by depositing cash into a CAP.

  • What is AppOne and how is it used to support RV dealers?

    Ally is a participating lender in the AppOne platform, which allows dealers to quickly and easily submit financing applications to Ally, obtain customer credit information and create compliant contracts for submission to Ally.

  • What kind of wholesale floorplanning financing does Ally offer RV dealers?

    We provide new and used floorplan financing to RV dealers, offering competitive rates and terms tailored to meet individual dealer needs. Some of the benefits of floorplanning with Ally include:

    • Instant floorplanning of auction units at participating auctions
    • An option for qualified dealers to receive wholesale financing for all or a portion of their inventory
    • The ability to earn interest to offset floorplan charges by depositing cash into a credit account plan (CAP)
  • What is a working capital loan used for?

    A working capital loan can provide the money you need to make changes such as facility renovations and equipment updates. Plus, a working capital loan can also help you manage your dealership’s current financial position through a loan consolidation or a recapitalization.

  • What is a real estate loan and what can it be used for?

    A real estate loan is financing provided to acquire new buildings or land.

    It can be used for purposes such as:

    • Renovation, remodeling or site improvements
    • Refinancing or loan consolidation
  • What does Ally’s Floorplan Insurance cover?

    Ally Floorplan Insurance protects your inventory, secures your investment, and provides you with peace of mind should your inventory suffer a loss or damage due to weather, theft or vandalism.

  • If I want to offer Ally RV finance products in my dealership, what’s the next step?

    Please contact your Ally representative or our RV support team at 1-800-814-8842, Monday - Friday, 10:00 am to 8:00 pm ET, or email us at