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Robo Portfolios

Human innovation.

Smart automation.

Investing simplification.

Thanks to our human + machine dream team, you sit back while we do the heavy lifting. Get started with as little as $100.

A portfolio made for you, monitored by us.

We do the work, so you don’t have to.

Fee-free rebalancing.

As the market makes moves, so do we. We review your portfolio daily and adjust it as needed, for no extra fee, to help keep it aligned with your goals.

Start investing with $100.

Investing shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. That's why we only require a $100 minimum.

Ongoing Support.

Call, chat or email us. General support is available Monday – Friday, 7am – 10 pm ET and Saturday, 8 am – 8 pm ET. Plus, our portfolio specialists are here to help Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5:30 pm ET.

Cushion with cash, or put more in the market.

We offer two ways to allocate your portfolio’s funds.

Cash-enhanced portfolio

Consider if: You want added security in an inconsistent market.

  • Absolutely no advisory fees

  • We set aside 30% of your portfolio in cash to act as a buffer against volatility

  • Earn 4.20% in annual interest on the cash buffer, credited monthly

  • If you take out money, we’ll automatically readjust what’s left to keep the same market-to-cash allocation

  • Available for all 4 portfolio types

Market-focused portfolio

Consider if: You want most of your money in the market.

  • 0.30% annual advisory fee , charged monthly

  • Nearly all your money’s invested, with only about 2% held as cash

  • Earn 4.20% in annual interest on the roughly 2% in cash, credited monthly

  • If you take out money, we’ll automatically readjust what’s left to keep the same market-to-cash allocation

  • Available for all 4 portfolio types

Keep in mind, the interest rate is variable and may change after you open your account. Rate is accurate as of 4/18/2024.

Hands-off investing has never been smarter.

We know you're busy. Let our intelligent tools work for you.

Not your average robo-advisor.

  • Diversified portfolios designed by a team of (human) specialists

  • Managed and monitored daily with our smart technology and  rebalanced  as needed

  • View performance and track your goals 24/7 with our suite of digital tools

  • Update your portfolio goals any time as your financial needs change

Four portfolio choices based on what matters most to you.

We’ll help you choose one that best aligns with your future goals.


Highly diversified across domestic, international, and fixed-income assets. You can choose the amount of risk you are comfortable with, from conservative to aggressive. If you’re more of a hands-off investor, consider this portfolio type.


This portfolio type offers higher dividend yields, while maintaining a more conservative risk profile. Consider this portfolio type if you’re most focused on yield and income.

Tax optimized

If you make after-tax contributions to an investment account, this type of portfolio may help maximize your investments. If you’re looking to invest using a diverse mix of tax-advantaged, low-cost Exchange Traded Funds, consider this portfolio type.

Socially responsible

Similar to our core portfolio, with greater weight given to companies that benchmark providers note as having strong environmental, social, or governance qualities. Consider this portfolio type if investing in companies deemed socially impactful is important to you.

An affordable investment approach starts here.

It only takes 10 minutes to open an account.

Step 1

Tell us about your goals.

Share a little about your investment goals and we’ll build you a diverse mix of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that line up.

Step 2

Get your customized portfolio.

Go with our recommendation or customize until you’re comfortable with the balance of risk and return.

Step 3

Start investing with just $100.

Once you select your portfolio, we’ll take it from there. Just sit back and track your progress right from your smartphone.


We have answers.

Still have questions? Visit our Help Center .

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