Compare SmartLease and ComTRAC

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Vehicle titleVehicle titled in Ally’s nameVehicle titled in Ally’s name
Vehicle useUse vehicle for business or personalUse vehicle for business more than 50% of the time
Up-fits and depreciationSpecialized up-fits and atypical depreciation may not be availableAllows for specialized up-fits or atypical depreciation
Residual valueDealer sets residual valueCustomer can set own residual value, as low as 0%
Mileage chargesCustomer must pay over-mileage charges, if anyNo mileage limits
Excess wear chargesCustomer must pay excess wear charges, if anyNo excess wear charges
Residual responsibilitiesClose-end lease – customer not responsible for residual value at end of leaseOpen-end lease – customer responsible for residual value at end of lease
Disposal feeNo disposal fee$250 disposal fee ($500 medium duty).
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