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With a wide selection of financing options and flexible terms, we can help you keep your monthly payments where you want them.

Flexible terms for virtually any budget

Online account management. Check your payment status, balance and statements anytime, anywhere

Easy payment options. Set up monthly or one-time payments from your checking or savings account

On-the-go access. Keep tabs on your account with the Ally Auto Mobile Pay app.

Specialty vehicle financing. Many of our financing options offer flexible terms that help cover accessibility needs like wheelchair lifts and right-hand drive capability

Lease a Vehicle

Ally SmartLease® has shortened financing terms that give you the flexibility to drive a new vehicle more often.

Shorter terms, more flexibility

Lower payments Leasing usually means your monthly payments are lower than buying

Trade up more often A lease allows you to drive a new car more often

What to Know About Financing

A little knowledge goes a long way

We know auto financing is complicated. Just remember that it’s ok to learn as you go. Here are a few tips to get you started on the right track.

Shop Around

The only way to ensure you’re getting the best possible rate on your financing is to do your homework. While you can usually get financing through the dealership, you should also get quotes from local banks, online banks and credit unions. And don’t forget to ask about rebates and incentives. Your credit score can also have a significant impact on your rate, but the rate you’re quoted will also depend on the lender. Learn how your credit score can impact your rate.

Buy or Lease?

While buying tends to be most people’s default option, a lease can be the perfect solution for someone who prefers to drive a new car every 2 or 3 years and wants to keep monthly payments reasonable. There are advantages and drawbacks to both buying and leasing, so make sure you research both options to find the best fit for your situation. Compare your options.

Talk It Out

Once you have an idea of which lenders can offer the best rate, you can often negotiate that rate even lower. Since auto dealerships often have more flexibility than other lenders, your dealership may be willing to match or beat quoted rates from other lenders. Make sense of the financing process.

Get the Big Picture

Getting a low rate is great, but remember that it’s only part of the picture. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the total amount you’ll be paying over the life of the financing plan when factoring in the length of the contract, cost of insurance and potential fees. Our monthly payment calculator can help give you a better idea of what you’ll be paying every month.

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What to Know About Ally Pre-Owned SmartLease

Ally Pre-Owned SmartLease lets you choose eligible models that:

  • Have a clean history report
  • Are fewer than 4 model years old
  • Have fewer than 75,000 miles

No matter which eligible pre-owned vehicle you select, you’ll receive automatic Guaranteed Auto Protection and the ability to purchase maintenance coverage similar to that offered for new models.

Ally Buyer’s Choice Example Timeline

Here’s how it would work for an Ally Buyer’s Choice contract with a 48-month prepayment date:

You can trade in your vehicle at any time during your agreement — the choice is yours.

What to Know About Ally Balloon Advantage

Vehicles that qualify for Ally Balloon Advantage include:

  • All new GM, Chrysler and Mitsubishi vehicles
  • Used vehicles up to 4 model years old excluding Saab and Suzuki

Ally Balloon Advantage is available in every state except Maryland, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

Want to know more? Get the facts about balloon financing.