Compare Your Options

Use the chart below to compare traditional buying and leasing programs with Ally Buyer's Choice, our new program for eligible GM and Chrysler brand vehicles that combines the flexibility of leasing and the value of ownership.

BuyLeaseAlly Buyer's Choice
OwnershipYou own the vehicleDrive a new vehicle more often

You own the vehicle but have an option to prepay by selling it to Ally on your Special Prepayment Date.

Mileage limits

No limits

The value of your vehicle may decline with higher mileage

Mileage limits

Charges for excess mileage above amount agreed to in your lease agreement

Mileage limits only apply if you choose to sell the vehicle to Ally

Excess mileage deducted from the vehicle price only if you opt to sell the vehicle to Ally


You choose what and when to repair

You can change the appearance of the vehicle

Leasing company sets maintenance guidelines

Vehicle appearance can't be changed

Maintenance level is only a factor if you intend to sell the vehicle to Ally

Vehicle appearance can be changed, but it may impact the sale price if you opt to sell the vehicle to Ally

Monthly Payments

Usually higher (compared to leasing) – Estimate a monthly payment

Pay for vehicle over term of the contract

Usually lower (compared to buying)

You own the vehicle - choose to pay for the vehicle over the contract's term or sell it to Ally at a predetermined price on your Special Prepayment Date

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