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Handing over (or taking control of) a custodial account with us.

Work together to make it happen.

Generally, a former minor can control money in their account once they reach the  age of majority , but usually with a little help from the custodian.

Former minor’s responsibilities

  • Call Ally Customer Care at  1-877-247-2559  to set up online login credentials

  • Open a new account while on the phone, or  open a new account online  later, using your account login credentials

  • If we need additional verification, we’ll ask you to upload a copy of your social security card and  valid form of ID

Custodian’s responsibilities

Log in to your account and send us a secure message letting us know if you’d like the funds transferred into the former minor’s new account, or dispersed by check.

You can also mail your instructions to us .

Our responsibilities

  • Review the application and all the necessary documents

  • If everything looks good, we’ll close the current custodial account and transfer the money to the former minor’s newly-opened account

If you close the account.
We’ll send a check in the former minor’s name to the custodian’s mailing address within 7-10 business days. 

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