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Building a Better Home Improvement Business with a Strong Network

October 28, 2021

In the home improvement industry, where referrals are a critical component of business growth, networking has always been an essential tool to build relationships and find new customers. By creating a reliable community of real estate agents, appraisers, loan providers and more, you can grow your home improvement business through connections and referrals.

Practice your pitch

Consider this scenario: you’re standing in an elevator for a few seconds (a minute tops) with an all-star HVAC pro whose work you’ve seen in the best builds in your city and a top real estate agent in your area. What do you say to forge a connection and sell your business in such a short time?

The opportunity to meet someone who can boost your business can happen at any time. So be prepared with a quick pitch that puts your best foot forward, with a rundown of your capabilities in home improvement and what makes your business unique (or images of some of your best work readily available for a quick glance). Even if the encounter is brief, it should be memorable enough to set the foundation for a long-lasting business relationship.

Start conversations online

Pursuing digital marketing strategies that amplify your business is essential. But beyond your website, imagery, and online deals, you’ll want to start conversations with other pros online too. Word of mouth can go a long way in growing your business. Look for message boards, forums and social media groups in your trade to connect. And think outside of any traditional business-oriented social platforms to explore renovation discussions through other social media channels that are popular.

Maybe you don’t have time to make it to that home improvement trade show or exhibition but, nowadays, networking doesn’t have to be in person. Who knows? You could stumble across the perfect plumber (or painter, window pro, etc.) that could help expand your services just by diving into an engaging discussion board. Even if you don’t have a minute to connect in real life, chatting with other pros online is a great way to network on your own schedule.

And consider building financial relationships online by connecting with home improvement loan providers like Ally Lending to make your services more attainable with affordable options for would-be clients in your area.

Always have a business card handy

From the line at the hardware store to an industry seminar, meeting other home improvement professionals can happen anywhere. You never know where you might meet a talented electrician or reliable appraiser. So, always be prepared.

Always have a business card (or two) handy. It’s an excellent takeaway for any potential business contact. Even if your new connection doesn’t have a job or collaboration that fits right now, the keepsake means they can contact you in the future, offering a referral when the right opportunity comes along.

Connect and give back to your community

Have you ever considered volunteering in your area? Service projects are not only an excellent brand-building exercise, but they can also help you network and connect with similar professionals. Think: Habitat for Humanity, Building Homes for Heroes, and other similar service organizations as great opportunities to forge these relationships. Home improvement projects take a village. So, you will not only learn the best tips and tricks from others in your field but also connect with professionals that help fill the gaps in your services and vice versa.

The relationships you build in service to your community can help pay dividends down the road at future jobs. Just keep an eye out for community bulletin boards and search local organizations online for volunteer opportunities near you.

Grow your ideas and bottom line

Networking can be an excellent way to gain new perspectives and ideas to help grow your business at a faster rate. Exchanging thoughts on challenges, experience and goals will give you new insights that you may not have thought of otherwise. It can also help you fill gaps in your services by connecting with the best HVAC, electric, plumbing, etc. professionals and more in your community. The word of mouth and referrals it generates can seriously boost your future business too.

Pro Tip: Another way to grow your revenue and the bottom line is by offering affordable financing choices for your clients.

Give your customers the flexibility to build their future with Ally Lending’s digital-powered loan management and comprehensive, cost-effective options.

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