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Lease-end process FAQs

  • What are my options at the end of my lease?

    You can:

    • Return the vehicle. Typically, Either the dealership or an independent company will inspect your vehicle after you return it. You will be charged for any excess mileage or wear based on the inspection. In addition to excess mileage and wear, there may be other charges. Contact us for details. Review the Lease End Process.
    • Buy the vehicle. You will need to pay the purchase option price stated in your lease plus unpaid fees, taxes and any other unpaid amounts due. If you need financing, ask your dealer if you qualify for financing through your dealer and Ally.
    • Extend your lease. To extend your lease while waiting for a new vehicle, contact us.
  • What do I need to do to return my vehicle at the end of my lease?

    • Print the Vehicle Return Kit and conduct your own pre-inspection (use Excess Wear and Wear Square online tools).
    • Check the mileage against what's in your lease agreement. You may have to pay for excess miles.
    • Contact your DMV to determine if your state requires your license plate to be returned.
    • Schedule a time to turn in your vehicle with your dealership.
    • While at the dealership, be sure to complete an odometer statement to document current mileage.
  • What do I need to bring when I return my vehicle at the end of my lease?

    When you return your vehicle, please bring the following items you received at the beginning of the contract:

    • A copy of your lease agreement
    • Owner's manual
    • Maintenance guide

    You will also need to return all original equipment, including keys, keyless entry remotes, DVD player, DVD remote, headphones, third row seats, etc.

  • What payment options are available at the end of my lease?

    Phone: Call 1-888-925-2559 to pay over the phone. A third party service provider fee may apply.

    Payment Processing Center
    P.O. Box 9001951
    Louisville, KY 40290-1951

  • When do I get my security deposit back?

    If you paid a security deposit when you signed your lease, we'll refund your security deposit after you've returned your vehicle to the dealership, the vehicle has been inspected and it has been sold at auction. We'll deduct any unpaid amount you owe under your lease agreement from your security deposit. If you decide to buy the vehicle instead of return it, you can choose to have the security deposit applied to reduce the purchase option price.

  • Can I return my leased vehicle before my scheduled end date?

    Yes, but you may have to pay a substantial charge. The earlier you end the lease, the greater this charge is likely to be. Contact us for an estimate.

    There will not be a refund for any unused mileage you purchased if you return your vehicle early.

  • Can I get an extension at the end of my lease?

    Yes. You may be charged a daily fee for the extension, and there is a limit on the extensions Ally will approve. Contact us for more information.

  • Do I need to return my vehicle to the dealership I originally leased it from?

    No, but if you can't return your vehicle to your dealer, you can return it to any franchised dealership authorized to sell or lease your particular vehicle in the U.S. Call the dealer first to arrange an appointment to turn in your vehicle.

  • Can I print a copy of the Vehicle Return Kit?

  • What are the charges at the end of my lease?

    You may be charged for excess wear and mileage as outlined in your lease agreement. You are also responsible for any past due amounts, taxes, daily extension fees and unpaid personal property tax.

    To help determine potential items of excess wear, you can:

  • Will I receive a refund for any unused additional mileage I paid for when I leased my vehicle?

    In some instances, you may receive a refund for the unused additional mileage you paid for when you signed your lease. You will not receive a refund if the lease ends early, you buy your vehicle or the vehicle is a total loss. See your lease agreement for details.

  • Will I receive a reminder about my end of lease?

    We will send you a return kit about 120 days before your scheduled end date. The kit includes information about your end of lease options and how to prepare for the option you choose.

  • How can I obtain a quote of the estimated amount I may owe when I return my leased vehicle?

    To request a quote excluding potential excess wear charges:

    1. Log in to Ally Auto Online Services
    2. From the My Vehicles page, select the lease account you would like quoted
    3. Select Request Quote
    4. Follow the instructions for your vehicle
    5. View or print the quote for the estimated lease return amount

    Contact us to request a quote for buying your leased vehicle. The lessee buyout quote is between Ally and you based on your lease agreement.