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Auto Lease Buyout

Online financing to buy out your lease.

Whether you’re a current Ally lease customer, or with another lender, we've got your roadmap to potential ownership.

How a lease buyout works.

1. Pre-qualify

Fill in your information to see if you pre-qualify with no impact to your credit score.

2. Apply

Choose an offer that best fits your financial goals and submit an application for approval.

3. Sign

Sign your loan agreement and provide needed information.

Ready, set, go and explore your options.

Whether you want to buy your leased vehicle outright or finance the buyout amount, learning about your options is easy and straightforward.

Current Ally lease customer.

If you want to purchase your vehicle, log in to your online profile and then select your vehicle account to get your buyout quote. Once you have the buyout information, pay the purchase price of your vehicle, plus any applicable taxes, fees and other unpaid amounts.

You may also qualify to finance the purchase of your vehicle. Check out your financing options based on your lease details. Don’t worry - pre-qualification won't affect your credit score.

Finance Your Lease Buyout

Ally provides financing for lease buyouts (almost) everywhere except: DC, IN, NV, VT, WI. If you currently live in one of these states, you will need to work with a dealer directly.

Other Ally lease-end options to consider

Your dealer can help assist you with your options, no matter what you decide to do at lease-end.

If you're planning to return your vehicle, here are a few helpful reminders .

Additionally, you can extend your lease by calling us at 1-888-925-2559 .

We offer additional coverage options you can easily add during the process.

Help protect your finances against a total
loss event with GAP.

Financing for Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) is available to eligible loan customers.

Get peace of mind with extended
vehicle coverage.

Financing for vehicle service protection options is available to eligible loan customers.

Looking for something else?

If lease buyout doesn’t apply to your situation, you can explore vehicle refinancing instead.


We have answers.