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Return Your Leased Vehicle 

closer look at returning your vehicle.

How to prepare and what to expect.

Get ready to let go.

There may be some unexpected expenses to think about before you move on to your next vehicle. Before you visit the dealership, look at your lease agreement details, then check out our return your vehicle checklist (PDF) for information on things like:

  • How to request a payoff quote

  • How to determine any potential charges for excess mileage or excess wear

  • Instructions for after returning your vehicle

Mileage matters.

Everyone loves a scenic drive once in a while, but if you've driven more than the allowed mileage in your lease agreement, we may charge you for the excess. To calculate your excess miles, subtract the total allowed mileage (including any miles you purchased) from the actual mileage on your odometer.

Here's how to calculate the potential charge:

Number of excess miles x Per mile charge* = Potential excess mileage charge

If you took a few cross-country roadtrips during your lease, you may want to consider  keeping your vehicle.

*Per mile charge is outlined in your lease agreement.

Wear and tear.

During the course of your lease, your vehicle will begin to show signs of normal wear, such as reduced tire tread depth. Your vehicle's condition may result in potential excess wear charges or charges for missing parts you may owe when you return your vehicle.

You can evaluate your vehicle for excess wear by using our Wear Square as well as reviewing the information below or the  Dings and Dents table  (PDF). You can also view our video to learn more about excess wear.

The Wear Square

We'll mail you a Wear Square as you near the end of your contract. You can also print your own Wear Square (PDF).

Vehicle inspection.

A third-party inspection company we hire will inspect your vehicle for excess mileage and wear, typically within 5 days of returning your vehicle. View a sample  inspection report. Then:

  • You can view your vehicle's inspection report

  • You can also pay for an independent inspection – see your lease agreement for details

  • You'll receive a letter detailing what you may owe for excess wear and mileage, as well as any late charges and past-due amounts

a magnifying glass.

Next moves.

Whether you want to lease again or explore our other  vehicle financing options , we’ll help you find financing that fits. 

Purchase something else or  keep your leased vehicle .

Get a newer vehicle more often with fewer maintenance concerns.


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