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Keep Your Leased Vehicle

A closer look at your lease buyout options.

All roads lead to ownership.

You’ve found your perfect match.

Now that your lease is ending you may want to explore your buying options. Owning your vehicle comes with benefits, like not having to worry about any excess wear and over mileage charges.

Ready, set, go and explore your options.

Whether you want to buy your leased vehicle outright or finance the buyout amount, we make it easy and straightforward.

  • If you want to purchase your vehicle, log in to your Ally Auto  account to get your buyout quote. After you’ve retrieved the buyout information, pay the purchase price of your vehicle, plus any applicable taxes, fees and other unpaid amounts.

  • You may also qualify for the option to finance the purchase of your vehicle. Check out your financing options based on your lease details.  Get started with Ally Clearlane

Simple steps to financing with us.

Get pre-qualified in minutes.

See if you pre-qualify online with no impact to your credit. Since you’re already an Ally customer, we can pre-fill your application to speed things along. You’ll need your VIN or Ally Auto Account Number.

Choose your offer.

Check out your offers and choose one that works for you, all online. If you qualify, you can see your new payment amount, term, and interest rate so you know your options.

Protect your purchase.

You’ll have the option to add a service contract to protect your vehicle long after the manufacturer’s warranty expires, to add even more peace of mind.

If you qualify to finance the purchase of your vehicle, you can manage your account online with us just like you’re used to.

Keep in mind.

Your dealer can help assist you with your options, no matter what you decide to do at lease-end.

Ally is restricted from selling vehicles in the following states (AK, KS, FL, IN, IA, MA, ME, MN, SD, WI). If you currently live in one of these states, you will need to work with a dealer directly.

Weighing your options.

Need more time to figure out what’s next? Whichever path you choose, we’re here to help every step of the way.

Extending Your Lease.

Call us at 1-888-925-2559 to discuss your options.

Return It

If you're planning to return your vehicle, here are a few helpful reminders of things you need to do before and after you visit the dealership.  Learn more on returning your vehicle