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In this episode, market experts Brian Overby and Callie Cox from Ally Invest explore the Disney (DIS) stock and discuss the Calendar Spread strategy for options trading.

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Episode 61: Overtime

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In this episode, Brian Overby from Ally Invest looks back at the performance of the options strategy he set for Disney (DIS) on Tuesday’s episode.

Your Host

Headshot of Brian Overby
Brian Overby
Senior Options Analyst for Ally Invest

As senior options analyst for Ally Invest, Brian Overby is a widely sought-after resource for his option trading knowledge and market insights. He has contributed to numerous articles for the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, and Bloomberg, and has had frequent appearances on CNBC Fast Money and Fox Business News. A veteran of the financial industry since 1992, Brian continually seeks to improve the understanding of the retail investor. He has given thousands of option trading seminars worldwide, written hundreds of articles on investing, and is the author of the popular trading resource The Options Playbook and its free, acclaimed companion site  Prior to Ally, Brian was a senior staff instructor for the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) and managed the training department for one of the world’s largest market makers, Knight Trading Group.

Headshot of Callie Cox
Callie Cox
Former Senior Investment Strategist for Ally Invest

During her tenure as senior investment strategist for Ally Invest, Callie Cox helped educate Ally Invest customers about the financial markets through engaging content and strategic initiatives.