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Ally Premier Protection

With 3 levels of coverage to choose from, the Ally Premier Protection suite of products ranges from covering just about everything on your vehicle to covering just the basics.

Available Plans

Available Plans

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Major Guard®

7500+ Covered Components

This is the ultimate choice if you want to cover the really expensive things like high-tech and luxury components.

Value Guard

2900+ Covered Components

For a robust level of protection while still keeping your budget in mind, choose Value Guard.

Basic Guard

2000+ Covered Components

If you're budget conscious and want only the most essential coverage for your vehicle, consider Basic Guard.

major covered components products
Extra Perks
Major guard, value guard, basic guard
Major guard, value guard, basic guard
Transmission/Transaxle/Transfer Case
Major guard, value guard, basic guard
Front/Rear-Wheeled-Drive Component
Major guard, value guard, basic guard
Fuel Delivery Component
Major guard, value guard, and basic guard
Heating & Air Conditioning Component
Major guard, value guard
Major guard, value guard
Electrical, Computer & Audio Components
Major guard, value guard
Steering Components
Major guard, value guard
Braking System
Major guard, value guard
High-Tech Components
Major guard
Safety Components
Major guard
Engine Cooling Component
Major guard
Your specific pricing varies depending on which plan and terms are right for your driving habits.

Ally Auto Care®

Covers common vehicle maintenance needs.

Protect yourself from rising vehicle maintenance costs by purchasing pre-paid coverage. Eligible services include engine oil changes (plus oil filter), chassis lubrications, tire rotations, and fluid top-offs performed at your selling dealership.

Get more peace-of-mind with:

No deductible or additional out-of-pocket costs

Protection available for standard and hybrid vehicles up to 20 years old

Coverage that’s transferable if you sell the vehicle

For more information about Ally Auto Care, call us at 1-800-631-5590.

Please note that electric vehicles are not eligible for this plan.

Guaranteed Asset
Protection (GAP)

Protects you from the “gap” in the event of a vehicle total loss.

If your vehicle is totaled in an accident, your insurance may not cover the full amount you owe on it. Insurance usually pays the cash value at the time of loss, not the full amount of your outstanding debt. GAP covers the amount between the cash value and the outstanding balance.

Learn how to make a GAP claim
Here’s an example to show you how it works:

Let’s say your vehicle is totaled in an accident. You still owe $25,000 on your loan, but your insurance only pays you the current value less your deductible, which comes to $20,000.

What you owe: $25,000
Actual cash value of vehicle: $21,000
Less your insurance deductible: $1,000
Insurance company pays you: $20,000
This leaves you with an
outstanding debt of

In the example, the $5000 amount would be waived by your GAP Contract and you’d have no further obligation on the debt. This GAP payment example is for illustration only.

SmartLease® Protect

If you’re leasing a vehicle, you may owe lease-end fees for extra wear and mileage. SmartLease Protect covers these fees so you can rest easy during the extent of your lease.

SmartLease® Protect

If you’re leasing a vehicle, you may owe lease-end fees for extra wear and mileage. SmartLease Protect covers these fees so you can rest easy during the extent of your lease.

  • There is no deductible
  • We will cover missing equipment and broken parts with a value of less than $100 per part
  • We will waive excess mileage charges up to $200
  • We will waive charges for single items of covered excess wear such as dings and dents that are less than $1,000 each

SmartLease Protect covers the following areas of your vehicle:

  • Exterior surface damage
  • Interior and upholstery
  • Tires and wheels
  • Bumpers
  • Glass and light lenses
  • Missing equipment and broken parts (including items such as navigation system, DVDs, DVD player headphones and remote control)

Other Protection Products

Ask your dealer about these other products

Tire & Wheel Protect

The road can sometimes present unavoidable hazards. Protect yourself from the costs incurred by damage from these road hazards.

Dent Protect

Dent Protect covers the cost of dent repairs for your vehicle’s body panels as long as there’s no paint damage.

Windshield Protect

Covers repairs for small cracks, stars or chips in your front windshield.

Key Protect

Replaces vehicle keys and key fobs that have been lost, stolen or destroyed.


Allows you to create a customized bundle of Protect products – including Tire & Wheel, Dent, Windshield and/or Key – to meet your specific needs.

Theft Protect

This provides theft deterrents and coverage after recovery or total loss if stolen.

Appearance Protect

Provides sustainable protection for fabric, leather and paint.

How to Buy

When you’re ready:

  • Get pricing details from your dealer based on the make, model and mileage of your vehicle.
  • Include a vehicle service contract on your finance agreement or purchase it separately.
  • Drive knowing you’re covered and protected from most unexpected costly expenses.


Still have questions? Visit our Help Center.


Major Guard

Major Guard covers over 7,500 components against breakdowns. That means virtually every mechanical, electrical and electronic component of your vehicle is protected, even from wear and tear. Rather than list everything it covers, we’ve listed what’s excluded.

Wrap Contracts

Traditionally, manufacturers’ warranties only cover powertrain components. Many of the components not covered by these warranties can be expensive to repair or replace. An Ally Powertrain Wrap contract is designed to “wrap around” your manufacturer’s powertrain warranty by providing coverage for many of these components that aren’t otherwise covered by the manufacturers’ powertrain warranty, enhancing your peace of mind and protecting you from extra expenses.