In this fast-paced, digital world, our phones have become our main resource for so many of our daily activities, from keeping up with friends and tracking exercise to checking emails and monitoring your bank accounts.

Having the ability to pay for goods and services using your phone and accessing your accounts with just a single touch are two features that many of our Ally Bank customers have been asking for, especially when it comes to Touch ID® and mobile payment services like Apple Pay®, Android Pay®, and Samsung Pay™ . We’ve listened to your feedback and want you to know that we hear you loud and clear—we want these features, too!

Touch ID

We’re excited to share that our customers are now able to use Touch ID to log in to the Ally Mobile Banking app. This feature is available on iPhone® 5s or later, iPad Pro™, iPad Air® 2 or iPad mini™ 3 or later. Touch ID technology can recognize a unique fingerprint and allows a secure login to the app without having to enter a passcode.

Touch ID simplifies access to our Ally Mobile Banking app and continues to provide our customers with a secure experience. You will still need to authenticate on your mobile device before enrolling in Touch ID, and passcode capabilities will remain as an alternative login option.

Mobile Payments Support

We’re also thrilled to announce that we now support Apple Pay. This feature is available on iPhone® 6 or 6s Plus (with iOS 8.1 or later), iPad Air® 2, iPad mini™ 3 or later, or iPhone® 5s when used with the Apple Watch®.

Apple Pay allows you to make payments for goods or services directly from your mobile device, without having to provide card information at each transaction. Once you add and verify your Ally Bank debit card information on your device, you will be ready to make secure payments with Apple Pay. Each transaction will require either your passcode or fingerprint with Touch ID for added security.

A June 2016 update: We’re excited to share that we now support Android Pay and Samsung Pay in addition to Apple Pay. More details on Android Pay and Samsung Pay can be found here .