publish4791postxmlarticle-status0 4791/do-it-right/trends/its-here-ally-mobile-banking-for-windows-8/It’s Here: Ally Mobile Banking for Windows® Phone 8It’s Here: Ally Mobile Banking for Windows® Phone 8its-here-ally-mobile-banking-for-windows-8You asked and we listened. With the release of Ally Mobile Banking for Windows Phone 8, now even more customers will be able to access and manage their money on-the-go using our award-winning mobile software. You can download the “Ally Mobile Banking app for Windows Phone 8 here”. With Windows...It’s Here: Ally Mobile Banking for Windows® Phone 8You asked and we listened. With the release of Ally Mobile Banking for Windows Phone 8, now even more customers will be able to access and manage their money on-the-go using our award-winning mobile software. You can download the “Ally Mobile Banking app for Windows Phone 8 here”. With Windows...
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4791<![CDATA[It’s Here: Ally Mobile Banking for Windows® Phone 8]]>It's Here: Ally Mobile Banking for Windows® Phone 8publishpostAllyYou asked and we listened. With the release of Ally Mobile Banking for Windows Phone 8, now even more customers will be able to access and manage their money on-the-go using our award-winning mobile software.

You can download the Ally Mobile Banking app for Windows Phone 8 here.

It's Here: Ally Mobile Banking for Windows® 8

With Windows OS becoming the world’s third most used smartphone operating system, we knew it was important to design an Ally Mobile Banking app exclusively for Windows Phone 8 users.

“The functionality of our mobile banking app aligns with our philosophy of offering consumer-friendly products and services to make the banking experience better and simpler for our customers,” said Diane Morais, Ally Bank deposits and line of business integration executive.

Ally’s Mobile Banking app, previously available for iPhone® and Android™, took home Forrester’s 2013 “Outside In” Award in the Customer Experience Design category for its innovative and customer-friendly design.

“Our Windows app is yet another example that demonstrates Ally’s customer-driven design process to deliver differentiated and convenient solutions across all platforms,” said Morais.

Like our other Mobile Banking apps, our Windows Phone 8 app lets customers deposit checks, search transactions and transfer funds between Ally and non-Ally bank accounts.

What excites you most about Ally’s Windows Phone 8 launch? On which smartphone do you use Ally’s Mobile Banking app?

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February 05, 2014
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454047910Carlo MendozaCarlo M.carlo.mj.m@outlook.com2014-02-05 11:16:422014-02-05 16:16:42February 5, 201411:16amThe app is awesome, but it's actually for "Windows Phone 8" not "Windows 8"0454147910eugene89useugene89useugene89us@yahoo.com2014-02-05 12:10:492014-02-05 17:10:49February 5, 201412:10pmThank you, Ally, for a great app! Very well-designed!0454247910JoeDirtJoeDirtgunite@comcast.net2014-02-05 17:16:362014-02-05 22:16:36February 5, 20145:16pmThank you for the great WP8 app! It's perfect!0454347910VinceVinceVincent.Ciotti@gmail.com2014-02-05 21:56:482014-02-06 02:56:48February 5, 20149:56pmReally good app! Looks great and more importantly works great!0454447914542AllyAllymegan.audette@ally.com2014-02-06 13:05:522014-02-06 18:05:52February 6, 20141:05pmWe love hearing that, Joe! Thanks for sharing!1454547914541AllyAllymegan.audette@ally.com2014-02-06 13:06:072014-02-06 18:06:07February 6, 20141:06pmWe’re happy to hear you’re a fan! We’ll share this with our mobile team. Thanks for being a customer!1454647910JamesJamesrad212000@yahoo.com2014-02-10 08:24:272014-02-10 13:24:27February 10, 20148:24amThe app looks beautiful. When will ios and android be updated to look like this?0454747910LarryLarrylarry@thekatzmans.com2014-02-12 06:07:292014-02-12 11:07:29February 12, 20146:07amFinally! Thanks....just in time....was ready to look for a new bank over this!0454847910marvinmarvinmarvinhenry@outlook.com2014-02-13 08:01:012014-02-13 13:01:01February 13, 20148:01amYESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! WORKS GREAT ON A LUMIA 920! 1 ISSUE: using the security code that is sent via SMS did not work on the first 2 tries....had to use the checkmark at the bottom of the numeric keyboard instead of the actual submit button on the page0454947914548AllyAllymegan.audette@ally.com2014-02-13 22:13:492014-02-14 03:13:49February 13, 201410:13pmThanks for bringing this to us, Marvin. We’ll share this information with our team. We’ll let you know when we have more information.1455047910Tyler XTyler X.muleacc100@aim.com2014-02-14 06:07:142014-02-14 11:07:14February 14, 20146:07amThis app looks nice and designed in the Windows metro style. I'd really like to see the android app redesigned to be like this, fitting to Android design standards and not what looks like some iPhone port.0455147910NataliaNatalianataliayaacob@gmail.com2014-02-14 12:56:562014-02-14 17:56:56February 14, 201412:56pmThank youuuuuuu! This just made my day.0455247910ryanryanuaiu@outlook.com2014-02-14 13:02:152014-02-14 18:02:15February 14, 20141:02pmThankyou for supporting the platform! Just in time for me to need a new checking account. Looks and functions smoothly and beautiful, looks like a WP app should not just a web page inside an app.0455347910Tarek LutfiTarek L.tareklutfi@gmail.com2014-02-14 13:29:522014-02-14 18:29:52February 14, 20141:29pmCan't sign in using two step authentication.0455447910Jason ClarkJason C.riceboyler@outlook.com2014-02-14 13:42:032014-02-14 18:42:03February 14, 20141:42pmThank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! It's a great working app and absolutely solidifies my choice of Ally as my primary bank.0455547910John LewisJohn L.lewisjohnd@gmail.com2014-02-14 14:28:472014-02-14 19:28:47February 14, 20142:28pmExceptional! Thank you for releasing this app--I've been patiently waiting for the day, and it has finally come!0455647910Paul MilazzoPaul M.paulmilazzo@live.com2014-02-14 15:18:522014-02-14 20:18:52February 14, 20143:18pmThank you for recognizing that Windows Phone 8 is a viable platform. Great job on the app!!0455747910IlanaIlanailanag@glozman.com2014-02-15 00:09:542014-02-15 05:09:54February 15, 201412:09amThis is AWESOME! THANKS!!!0455847910Chris MChris M.mendes.chris@gmail.com2014-02-15 17:49:102014-02-15 22:49:10February 15, 20145:49pmWorks fine on Lumia 521. Great app0455947910SandySandysjwagers@gmail.com2014-02-16 12:27:062014-02-16 17:27:06February 16, 201412:27pmDeposits are not readily available as the app states. Sorry I switched to Ally. A disatified new customer0456047910Kris ZKris Z.kriszaug@gmail.com2014-02-18 00:57:422014-02-18 05:57:42February 18, 201412:57amYay! Thank you! Been waiting for this and even sent emails requesting. It looks great and works great. :)0456147910ChristianChristianchristian.castro@yahoo.com2014-02-18 21:08:362014-02-19 02:08:36February 18, 20149:08pmthis makes me very appy!0456247910EhabEhabeslabs@msn.com2014-02-20 08:53:392014-02-20 13:53:39February 20, 20148:53amThe App was working great until yesterday and then stopped , now I get stuck on the login screen after entering the password.0456347910MelindaMelindaXraybitionist@aol.com2014-05-07 16:59:262014-05-07 20:59:26May 7, 20144:59pmI have several other online and traditional accounts and won't move any money over to Ally until there is a mobile app for the IPhone. Is there an approximate time for its rollout? Thank you.0456447914563AllyAllymegan.audette@ally.com2014-05-09 13:06:222014-05-09 17:06:22May 9, 20141:06pm1456547910JayJayxjjjay@gmail.com2014-07-27 15:02:432014-07-27 19:02:43July 27, 20143:02pmPlease update your android app. Why does the most widely adopted smartphone platform have the worst app? It's slow, ugly, not scaled to my phone correctly, and straight copy pasted from the iphone. Check deposit fails on the first attempt, regardless of how good the pictures are... really annoying bug. I love ally and still recommend it to my friends, but this app is how a large portion of your users interface with your bank. It's embarrassing, you could hire a team of college interns to do a better job.0456647910MichaelMichaelpleroman@live.com2014-09-01 10:08:012014-09-01 14:08:01September 1, 201410:08amThis is one of the major reasons I went to Ally. I love my Windows Phone and am now in love with Ally! Thanks.0456747910JodyJodyjodyl@live.com2015-03-19 15:01:492015-03-19 19:01:49March 19, 20153:01pmI used another large bank who chose to end support for Windows Phone. A good number of people who commented on it and noted Ally's app is well designed, and Ally's customer service rocks by comparison to that bank as well. It's why I recently switched and loving it! I hope Ally works on a Windows 10 Universal App to get the same experience on my tablet as my phone in the near future. (Windows 10 is now scheduled for release over the summer btw). Again, thank you for having not only a WP app, but one of the absolute BEST banking apps on WP. Ally in a short time has proven that not all banks see customers as insignificant account holders, but as real people they care about. It's something I didn't think was possible!0281openedxmlarticle-comments0

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