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Take a closer look at ETFs.

An inexpensive way to diversify and invest in your interests.

Exchange-traded funds, explained.

Let’s say you’re interested in a particular industry but don’t want to choose just one company to invest in, with an ETF, you don’t have to. ETFs are made up of a collection of securities like stocks, commodities, bonds, and other investment types. This allows you to invest in a particular sector, industry, or region instead of having to buy individual stocks.

Trade easily.

You can typically buy and sell ETFs like you would stocks.

More diversification with less risk.

Each ETF includes shares of a variety of companies, and more diversification in a certain category has potential to balance out other investments in your portfolio.

Explore ETFs that reflect your values.

Build a portfolio based on themes, causes, or companies that matter to you.

Cost-conscious choices.

ETFs are generally less expensive to manage than other investments, and we have hundreds of high-quality, commission-free ETFs.

The anatomy of an ETF.

We broke down the inside of an ETF to give you a better idea of what a potential investment could look like.
The companies we show are used as examples and aren’t meant to represent a particular or actual ETF.

This example shows the breakdown of an ETF, and is made up of stocks, bonds and cash. It includes investments in companies like Facebook, Exxon, Disney, Google, Nestle, Visa, Apple and thousands more.

Get to know your next ETF.

Our ETF screener allows you to research, analyze, and compare ETFs, enabling you to confidently choose what’s best for your unique investment goals.

Thousands of ETFs, a few easy ways to explore.

Search by stock symbol, fund family, keyword, or company name

Narrow down your choices with one of our predefined categories, like tech ETFs or ones that track the S&P 500

Access to professional analyst ratings from Morningstar™

View price, performance, sectors, and holdings data for each ETF

Before you decide, carefully consider every aspect of ETFs.

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