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The advantages of online banking speak for themselves: You can easily move money between accounts, check balances, pay bills, and more, all at your own convenience. Online banks often can pass the money they save on overhead (like buildings and tellers) along to you with higher yields and lower fees while still offering the same range of services you find at traditional banks. The only major difference is that everything for online accounts is done electronically.

Online banking is great for people who want easy access to their accounts no matter where they are. You generally can access, manage, and transfer funds from one secure site. And it’s easy to get cash from your online account, too. Ally Bank, for example, doesn’t charge fees to use ATMs nationwide. And, if you are charged ATM fees by other banks in the U.S., we'll automatically reimburse you at the end of your monthly statement period.

Unlike traditional banks, online banks are available any time, day or night. And services like online bill pay give you a hassle-free way to make payments. Some online banks may charge fees for additional services, others don’t. Ally Bank offers free bill pay with the Ally Bank Interest Checking Account.

Opening an account
Opening an online account is easy. You can sign up for an account at Ally Bank, for example—with no minimum opening deposit—by mailing a check, transferring funds from another bank, or using the electronic check service.

Consider the advantages of an online bank and take a look at what Ally Bank has to offer by visiting Allybank.com or call live, 24/7 customer support at 877-247-ALLY (2559) today.

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